Croatia: Antifascists Vilify Veterans To The Disgrace Of The Nation

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Monument to the HOS 9th Battalion Rafael Vitez Boban raised in Split, Croatia - 9 May 2014 Monument to the HOS
9th Battalion Rafael Vitez Boban
raised in Split, Croatia – 9 May 2014

On 9 May of this year the mayor of the city of Split, Ivo Baldasar (a Social Democrat) presided over the unveiling of the monument to the 9th HOS Battalion Rafael Vitez Boban. Croatia’s communist lot, who boldly call themselves antifascists even though no antifascist organisation in the world protect from condemnation and processing of WWII and post-WWII communist crimes like they do, formed a so-called “Antifascist league”. These two events in Croatia on the same day did not occur by accident.

No Siree!

The communism lovers from various NGO’s are all about calling and labelling members of Croatian defence forces from the 1990’s Homeland War as fascists, maliciously and without any truth, except for communist political agenda, linking them to WWII Independent State of Croatia Ustashe! Some have even gone so far…

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Pelvic Exam Debate Missing Bigger Picture


Following a recent groundbreaking study that reveals the uselessness of pelvic exams,  the media coverage is focusing on the continued debate between the American College of Physicians and the ob-gyns, rather than on the implications for women’s health. The Physicians group is claiming the evidence from the study is sufficient to recommend scrapping routine pelvic exams, while the ob-gyns are arguing that there is justification for maintaining the exam practice.  The debate has absorbed much of the public’s attention, but there are some important points that are being ignored in the process:

  • Given the absence of evidence to support the efficacy of pelvic exams, why have doctors been performing them . . . for many years?
  • Until recently, many doctors have failed to acknowledge the invasive and humiliating nature of pelvic exams.  In fact, women have often been scolded or chastised when they speak up about the embarrassment and/or request…

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Dedicated to the victims of flight MH17 and their loved ones.



On the 17th of July flight MH17 (codeshare KL4103 ) crashed on Ukraine soil.

This plane had left Amsterdam just a couple of hours earlier, filled with innocent people who looked forward to their trip.

There are no survivors.


They say it got shot down.

One blames the other and vice versa.


All I know is that 298 innocent souls lost their lives and the world has become a little darker again…


This poem is dedicated to the victims from the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 and their loved ones.


I stare


While I see

The bodies on the tv


I stare


While I hear

The people crying near


I stare


While I feel

This can’t be real


I stare


While the plane is burning

And the world stops turning


I stare


While I pray

For all those…

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More on Flight 17–309391939570


If you click on this link, it will take you to a video that has more information about the shoot down of Malaysia Fright 17. Information and knowledge will help international authorities to determine exactly what happened. Families of the victims and their friends need to have truth. Truth will bring them closer to closure but their grief is almost unbearable. I am quite in shock and there are unshed tears. I have a heavy heart. The families must be suffering terribly. I pray for families and victims. I pray for all of the citizens of the world who are not violent and who live moral and ethical lives.


“Death takes away the weariness of life; and the soul begins life anew.


Death is a sleep from which the soul wakes in the hereafter.


Death is the night after which the day begins.


It is death which dies, not life.


The life everlasting is hidden in the heart of death.”     —Suras, Hazrat Inayat Khan

Refugees and Conflicts Are Our Problem


The last week’s news cycle has included crises of breathtaking magnitude: Congress has contended with the influx of tens of thousands of children from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, while the world has watched as Israel has pounded Gaza with missiles, killing Hamas militants, but also dozens of women, children, and other bystanders. Yet the responses I’ve seen in the mass media and on social media has been overwhelmingly about the “rightness” of Israel to destroy sites that have included a mosque, a center for the disabled, and a cafe where people were watching the World Cup; also, about the “illegality” of children fleeing the extreme violence and poverty of their home countries, and how expensive it is to feed, house, and otherwise help children in crisis–and so we talk about rapid deportations, not resolution or care. Hamas isn’t relenting, so people seem to feel that the murder of innocents is somehow justified…

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