Non-Chemical Relief for Insomnia!

I am the queen of insomnia about 6 months out of the year; while I can’t get enough the rest of the time. It is so important for us all to have the proper sleep. I hope that this video will assist many insomniacs.  Our lives are very busy and very complicated. It is not a surprise that we carry the pressures from our jobs, decisions concerning our children, financial troubles and much more to our beds. No matter how physically tired we are; often the mind just can’t turn off. I have found that there are three ways that help me to go to sleep. One is the sounds of nature, one is guided meditation and one is music written to change our brain waves.

I have had good success with all of these. Because the music that changes the brain waves is a little harder to find so I am  going to share some with you to try. Don’t worry if you don’t have the relief you need. Keep it up and the Universe will help your conscious mind to let go and you will accomplish the desired sleep you need.

Copy (2) of water lillie

Water lillies Photograph and copyright by Barbara Mattio 2013

“Flowers and bees may be different, but the honey is the same.

Systems of faith may be different, but God is One.”

—Rig Veda

Pampering Yourself

“Self-nurture is not about being selfish. It is about self-care.”
—-Alice D. Domar PHD

Yes, I am advocating self-pampering. For men or women, small steps of pampering yourself may feel wrong or frivolous. In 2012, we run from one task to another. We race through the day giving everything little pieces of ourselves. We spend most of our lives burnt out and empty. This is not the way The One wants us to experience this life. We are drowning in deadlines, insomnia, bills, politics, stress eating and kids breaking curfew. We almost need to be long distance sprinters.

Athletes have something we do not have. They have trainers and sports medicine and adoring fans. They lack our total exhaustion, feeling unappreciated, unsatisfied with life in general. This is a sure way to lose touch with ourselves, some people don’t even know who they are. They are fractured and left with nothing to give because they have nothing left inside. Society encourages and rewards us when we ignore the signs and symptoms that we need nurturing too. Pushing through, giving it all to your team or manager ends up making us sick. Being sick just pushes the circle around again.

Pampering is recuperative. It feeds the soul. It encourages the pleasant, happy, interesting and caring person inside to come out again. Being on vacation is good because you begin to get your balance back. You regain your spontaneity and flexibility. If it is raining, you read a book. If you are tired, you take a nap. You grin more often and choose to walk instead of taking the stairs or elevator. The strident, pushy, irritable you has gone and you actually like who you are. Pampering in this spirit is essential for human beings to maintain their joy and bliss. Sometimes, you just need to turn away from the needs of the world until you have regained your balance. You are now promoting your own physical and emotional health.


I like to rub my temples with an essential oil, and to keep a fragrant sachet under my pillow at night. I also use a sound machine when I can’t turn off my mind and sleep much deeper and awake refreshed. So remember self-pampering is medicinal and necessary for the well-being of our lives.

Sculpture garden, Windsor, Ontario Photo by Barbara Mattio