The Night Dances

Gathering flowers

gathering of the flowers

” A smile fell in the grass.

And how will your night dances
Lose themselves. In mathematics?

Such pure leaps and spirals—-
Surely they travel

The world forever, I shall not entirely
Sit emptied of beauties, the gift

Of your small breath, the drenched grass
Smell of your sleeps, lilies, lilies.

Their flesh bears no relation.
Cold folds of ego, the calla,

And the tiger, embellishing itself——-
Spots, and a spread of hot petals.

The coments
Have such a space to cross,

Such coldness, forgetfulness
So your gestures flake off——

Warm and human, then their pink light
Bleeding and peeling
Through the black amnesias of heaven
Why am I given

These lamps, these planets
Falling like blessings, like flakes

Six-sided, white
On my eyes, my lips, my hair

Touching and melting/
—–Sylvia Plath

I have always been a night person, night owl of the lyrics. My mind rushes with ideas, my eyes filled with the heavenly lights, the moon, stars, planets and the shooting stars. Alone with the Divine lights and my soul. I meditate, paint, read, and write. The night makes my heart free. Ah, and then the morning. Not my time to function. My body is heavy and my mind vague and fuzzy. I really love to awaken slowly with a stretch of limbs to open my heart and soul to the love that fills me. I am seldom understood. But what can I say, the night dances.

Comet dances in the night

Comet dances in the night

A Shining Star on the Horizon

Finding these amazing children has become a new quest for me. The Universe has gifted these children with such tremendous gifts. I hope you will enjoy this lovely young lady as much as I did. I think I was so impressed because I played Viola in school, a couple of years ago. LOL. Seriously, I can tell you from experience that she is an angel who chose a lifetime on this plane. She is a blessing for this all of us in our world.


Lake Erie Sunset. Photo taken and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2013

Lake Erie Sunset. Photo taken and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2013

                                                                                                                  Beauty can be found everywhere if you take the time to look for it.

The Blessings of the Galaxies

Due to the beautiful full moon, I am up at 2 AM. I am reading and thinking about the icon which represents our feminine aspect. I was out on my front porch and we are having a tropical night. I sat to enjoy the view of the moon and the sounds of the night. I was thinking of the many centuries of humans sitting and watching the amazing celestial shows. I can almost see people looking up at the sky and being overwhelmed by the galactic show. I can see them and almost feel their amazement as they wondered and questioned the brilliant lights in their sky. How they must have created stories to explain what they saw and the reasons it existed. We still look to the sky with wonder and now scientists are finding more and more explanations and considering hypotheses not explored yet.

I believe that science fiction, Star Trek, Star Gate and Dr. Who are a genre that has lite a fire in the minds of scientists. Why not? Why not indeed. Why not have microwaves, and the speed of light, and the birth of stars, Nothing is impossible when it comes from Divinity.

” Blessing of galaxies, blessing of stars:
Great stars, small stars, red stars, blue ones.
Blessing of nebula, blessing of supernova,
Planets, satellites, asteroids, comets.

Blessing of our sun and moon, blessing of our earth,
Oceans, rivers, continents, mountain ranges
Blessing of wind and cloud, blessing of rain,
Fog bank, snowdrift, lightning and thunder.

Bless the wisdom of the holy one above us.
Bless the truth of the holy one beneath us.
Bless the love of the holy one within us.

Blessing of green plants, blessing of forests:
Cedar, douglas fir, swordfern, salal bush
Blessing of fish and birds, blessing of mammals.
Salmon, eagle, cougar, and mountain goat.

May all mankind likewise offer blessing:
Old women, young women, wise men and foolish
Blessing of youthfulness, blessing of children
Big boys. little boys, big girls and little ones.

Bless the wisdom of the holy one above us;
Bless the truth of the holy one beneath us,
Bless the love of the holy one within us.”

Chinook Psalter

“Let the heavens be reflected in the earth, Lord, that the earth may turn into heaven.” —–Hazrat Inayat Khan

Reaching For the Stars

Stars came into my notice when I was a child. I think it is the same for many of us. I can shut my eyes and see myself in my childhood bedroom; sitting in front of my windows and looking out at the stars and the moon. I remember wishing on stars but not what I wished for. I can remember being at the beach listening to the roar of the ocean and loving how the stars lit up the sky. I also remember camping on mountain tops and feeling so close I could just reach up and pick one all for myself.

There does seem to be a deep cosmic connection between humans and the stars. They have fascinated us for millennia. Many of us do believe in star magic and Hollywood worked to keep the mystic tie to romance and love.  We have stargazers and star shine.

Reaching for the stars helped Galileo to invent the telescope and determine that the sun did not rotate around us, but that Mother Earth rotated around the sun. In America, reaching for the stars has come to mean to reach for your full potential, to stretch yourself and accomplish the impossible. It stands for the ultimate effort, the ultimate goal. For many of us who are artists, it symbolizes reaching within and pulling out that masterpiece you never thought you were capable of. For those of us on a spiritual path, stars remind us of just who we are and what we are made from: Star dust. Star dust is what every sentient being is made of and that gives us a connection to each other. The human race, despite different skin colors, cultures, religions, passions have one huge thing in common. We are made of star dust. We are connected to all that exists in the Universe. It is all star dust and we can reach for the stars and we are stretching out our arms to touch God. I am stardust and within my soul is the Divinity of the Universe.