A Little Bit of Magic

Photo by Barbara Mattio

Laws for Creation

Laws for creations,
For strong artists and leaders, for fresh broods of teachers and perfect
literats for America,
For noble savans and coming musicians.

All must have reference to the ensemble of the world,
and the compact truth of the world,
There shall be no subject too pronounced–all works shall illustrate the divine
law of indirectness.

What do you suppose creation is?
What do you suppose will satisfy the soul, except
to walk free and own no superior?
What do you suppose I would intimate to you in a hundred
ways, but that cam or woman is as good as God?
And that there is not God any more divine than Yourself?
And that that is what the oldest and newest myths finally mean?
And that you or any one must approach creations through
such laws?
——Walt Whitman

Women carry innate magic within our bodies and souls. Our strength and passion and will help us to create the type of world we each live in. The natural world is not threatened by this woman. The cultures we live in often are threatened by us. The humans who are threatened by our magic, our strength, our sense that we are equal, cause many to attempt to diminish our person-hood. We must not internalize these voices. This will ultimately make us forget who we are as humans of the female gender. This is our magic.

Photography by Barbara Mattio

photographyby Barbara Mattio