My version of Mellow Yellow Monday

I have decided to participate in Mellow Yellow Mondays. Mondays are always punishing, at least from my perspective. Yellow should be the official color of summer. There are other good summer colors but yellow just lifts the spirits, fills me with joy and makes me want to dance. The summer months allow us to stretch, move, lift our faces to the sun, and inhale. I love the fragrance of the trees, grass, and flowers. I love the sound of waves hitting the beach and the laughing of children. The wind through the trees catching the pendulums of wind chimes fills me with delight. Summer makes us more aware of our senses and of the elements. Fire, water, air and earth

“From mountain primrose, from rose and thorn,
from nettle blossoms that bloom in the shade,
from gores and thistle, I am made,
from lady’s mantle I was born.

Nine flowers give me nine powers
and nine more herbs are what formed me.
I am called Bloudewedd.
Earth and magic are in my blood.”
—Welsh song to the flower goddess