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See Link Above – Opinion: Republicans jab Obama on jobs, but have no plan of their own


In fact, fixing the economy is the entire basis of Romney’s campaign. So what plans does the GOP candidate have to rev up the economy?


His most concrete idea for creating jobs is to approve construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. The idea has political potency because President Obama, citing environmental concerns, denied a permit for TransCanada Corp. to construct the 1,700-mile pipeline.

However, the number of jobs that would be created by Keystone could generously be described as modest.

TransCanada initially estimated the project would create 20,000 jobs — 13,000 for the actual construction and 7,000 for manufacturing steel and other equipment.

In subsequent interviews the firm’s executives and economists who consulted on the study clarified that each of those “jobs”…

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  1. mindsurfer1 says:

    The conservatives have advanced many job creating ideas that Obama has blocked for political purposes. This is not the Magic Kingdom. Someone has to carry the bucket and there is no shame in doing so. The shame is in demanding hand outs as a right.

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