the internet is public

The Honking Goose

Hey, gang. So I was thinking,

The internet is public. You’re smart. You know this. I do too. We all know it, but we don’t all remember. We don’t all understand, grok, dig, appreciate this. The internet is public.

When we are on the internet, we are on one website, looking at one page on that website. It’s like being in a room. And we are standing in that room looking at one wall in the room. The room is in an apartment. The apartment is in a building. The building is in a neighborhood. The neighborhood is in a city. The city is in a state. The state is in a country. The country is on a continent. The continent is in the world.
earth with thought bubbles Image source: pixabay

The whole world is the internet. And we are standing in one room looking at one wall. It’s really easy to move…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog. I hope your readers enjoy this article.

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