Looking for a Metaphor (SunWinks! October 12, 2014)

Irina's Poetry Corner

Where can I find
A metaphor
For my poem today?

I look around
I listen to sounds
Of all kinds
I scratch my head
I enter
The garden of my mind
And all I find
A desert!

Copyright © 2014 Irina Dimitric



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Day 289 In the Pursuit of Love (The Power of 3)

Life in the City with a Future

sunsetlakeNeatahwanta1In my family, when someone dies, it is accepted that soon two more deaths will follow.

When I married, we were a couple until we had a child and then we started calling ourselves a family once there was three of us.

In many religions — 3 is a recurring number.

In fantasies (stories) there is the Prince (rescuer) — the Princess (victim) — the dragon (bully).

I watched this TED talk on how to start a movement some time ago. It is a 3 minute video that shows how it really takes 3 people to start a movement.

I look at the three lessons from this video:

A leader must be willing to be ridiculed.

The leader must acknowledge his followers.

The acknowledgement and the movement must be made public.

These lessons seem so simple but as I look at the stalled projects I have been involved in —-…

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