War Veterans in U.S.A. Of Croatian Descent

This Croatian man served in WWII.

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Today is Veteran’s Day – 11 November – I pay tribute to all veterans wherever they are and just so you know among US veterans there are those of Croatian descent among them!

Ronald Lawrence Kovic, was paralyzed in Vietnam War. Author of book “Born on the Fourth of July” which was made into Oliver Stone’s film, Tom Cruise portrayed Ron Kovic.  Kovic received the Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay on January 20, 1990, exactly 22 years to the day that he was wounded in Vietnam. His father was Croatian and his mother Irish.

Paul William Bucha is an American Vietnam War veteran and recipient of the Medal of Honor.  His paternal grandfather immigrated to the United States from the Croatian town of Nasice.

Louis Cukela was a United States Marine numbered among the nineteen two-time recipients of the Medal of Honor. Cukela was awarded the Medal by both…

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