Shaun’y Award for Blogging Excellence


This Award was created for Shaun at prayingforoneday, and he added rules and sent it out into the world!

I was nominated by the originator of the award, Dr. Rex, another wonderful blogger and good friend.

The rules for the Shaun’y Award are as follows:

1. Show humanity, show love, be yourself, don’t be others, don’t gossip.

In other words, Be Authentic

2.  Share with 10 others.

I now nominate 10 others for this newly created award:

  1. Matthew
  2. PursuingMyDreams
  3. Ohnwentsya
  4. gillsn
  5. Al
  6. petitemagique
  7. Conrad (the wine wankers)
  8. Austin
  9. MichelleMarie Antell
  10. Sonofmountmalang
  11. SecretAngel
  12. Paininhidingabuse
  13. juliemontagu
  14. shaun
  15. Ted
  16. Axis Mundi
  17. ShareChair
  18. Gator Woman
  19. Barefoot Baronness
  20. Sevilleestateflyer

3 thoughts on “Shaun’y Award for Blogging Excellence

  1. Al says:

    Well done, and thank you 🙂

  2. Dr. Rex says:

    Congrats!! You back!! This means you’re a bit better. So good to know. Missed you …. 🙂

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