Wonder Wednesday: A Four Stone Haiku

Light Words

-four stones -four stones

Let Us Mark The End Of This Most Dramatic Winter

On the last day of winter I offer this humble image from my garden of four mossy stones.    I hope they might inspire poems or stories after their long silent wait on the cold damp ground.

Does anyone remember that Wonder Wednesday is a prompt? I will give you an Image to wonder about and when you have written or found an image to respond with, post your own Wonder Wednesday and link it with me, then share in comments for all to see.

Here’s mine I think it is a haiku 17 syllables anyway.

four mossy stones stand

holding back the storms

while advancing green

Springs forth!

Carol Carlisle

Now Go Forth and Rock and Roll

Happy Wonder Wednesday!

ps: you may use my photo as long as I am credited 

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Humbled By The Wind


A really lovely day today was somewhat spoiled when I hit the deck like the proverbial ton of bricks.

One of those gorgeous, gloriously sunny, windy days that twirls your skirt and lashes hair around. One of those days where you get a bit high with the nursery kids and play tig and chases till your breathless with laughter. Quite good when the three and four year olds can’t catch you! One of those days when running about like an eejit seems like the best fun you can have.

But that’s not when I fell.

I reserved that for the afternoon session when the same blustery day enticed me outside with an older crew to do orienteering. Why waste the sunshine, eh?

Last minute instructions to them as they stood on the stairwell and I stood halfway in and halfway out of the building was when it happened.

I had…

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Something to think about … Tragedy!

It Is What It Is


~~March 19, 2014~~

Norman Cousins (June 24, 1915 – November 30, 1990) was an American political journalist, author, professor, and world peace advocate.

~~Norman Cousins in 1976~~
Politically, Cousins was a tireless advocate of liberal causes, such as nuclear disarmament and world peace, which he promoted through his writings in Saturday Review. In a 1984 forum at the University of California, Berkeley, titled “Quest for Peace,” Cousins recalled the long editorial he wrote on August 6, 1945, the day the United States dropped the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. Titled “The Modern Man is Obsolete,” Cousins, who stated that he felt “the deepest guilt” over the bomb’s use on human beings, discussed in the editorial the social and political implications of the atomic bomb and nuclear power. He rushed to get it published the next day in the Review, and the response was considerable, as it…

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Why My Creativity Really Wads My Undies

Swim in the Adult Pool

Creativity and ADHD

My creativity level runs on the high-octane end of the scale and that’s cool. I’m fine with having ideas and they’re fine with finding me. I get bombarded in the shower, smacked while driving, or (the redneck’s own personal fave) pounced on sometime between the hours of middle of the night and buttcrack of dawn. I want to fix this. Now. Today, even. I want to be productive when inspiration knocks so I need to identify the problem.

Meet the problem.
AKA: “We wad your undies and we love it” The Outlaw Ideas

My undie-wadding ideas aren’t your ordinary, everyday, law-abiding ideas. These are the outlaws of inspiration. There is no reasoning with them because that would take away the fun they have when tormenting me during the night. Hey!…pssst! Guess what CeeLee? We’ve got a good one for you! Get up! Go on, this is gonna rock! You’re…

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7th PastaPost

Excuse Us for Living

Seventh PastaPost

Pasta Portuguese


Phil & Geri



     Excuse us for living, but we have to stop eating like this. No, never! Pasta! And we save these recipes for our famous “Friday Nights.” (See the archives in the right margin, “Friday Night/Recipe Posts.”) Only when we are truly excited about a recipe do we share it with the world!


           Lagos, like many towns along the coast of Portugal, is historically linked to the sea. Fishing in Lagos goes back to ancient times as an important economic activity. More recently, tourism has surpassed the fishing industry. Lagos became most famous by the 15th century as the center of maritime exploration. Lagos was the home port of the famous Prince Henry the Navigator. If you remember your middle school social studies lessons, Prince Henry was most famous for being responsible for the sea explorations around the…

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Croatian Castles and Palaces

This is important.

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Croatia has more than seven thousand significant architectural objects of historic beauty, romantic intrigue, pride… and among them are about one thousand castles and palaces.

So Croatia has an impressive number of fortifications: almost every city on the coast and many on the mainland boast city walls or a fort or two. Over the centuries, Croatia’s lords and noble families were also busy building castles and palaces.
The distinction between these various structures is sometimes a little blurred, but generally, castles provided both protection and housing for a specific lord or noble family, while forts were not generally private residences, and palaces were not fortified.
Of Croatia’s castles, many are now in disrepair, but several have been well preserved or recently restored (like the Eltz Palace in Vukovar devastated by the Serb aggression in 1990’s) and have opened their doors to the public as museums or venues for events such…

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