Why My Creativity Really Wads My Undies

Swim in the Adult Pool

Creativity and ADHD

My creativity level runs on the high-octane end of the scale and that’s cool. I’m fine with having ideas and they’re fine with finding me. I get bombarded in the shower, smacked while driving, or (the redneck’s own personal fave) pounced on sometime between the hours of middle of the night and buttcrack of dawn. I want to fix this. Now. Today, even. I want to be productive when inspiration knocks so I need to identify the problem.

Meet the problem.
AKA: “We wad your undies and we love it” The Outlaw Ideas

My undie-wadding ideas aren’t your ordinary, everyday, law-abiding ideas. These are the outlaws of inspiration. There is no reasoning with them because that would take away the fun they have when tormenting me during the night. Hey!…pssst! Guess what CeeLee? We’ve got a good one for you! Get up! Go on, this is gonna rock! You’re…

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One thought on “Why My Creativity Really Wads My Undies

  1. CeeLee says:

    Thank you very much for the reblog 🙂

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