Poesy plus Polemics

"Compassion 2012" Painting by Drea Jensen From “Compassion 2012”
Painting by Drea Jensen

by what precept
does innocence suffer
at hands of the guilty
is it simply misfortunate
“wrong place wrong time”
or something more sinister
raw feral
unevolved ethics
survival of fittest
without metaphysics
is cruelty an instinct
organic aggression
the piece of the human
he shares with the beast
are opposable thumbs then
the only
defining distinction
compassion and kindness
mere koans
of mutated spirit

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A Republican World – The Republican War On Women – ‘Republican Who Blamed Pregnant Rape Victims for Not Taking Plan B Tried to Restrict Plan B Access’

The Last Of The Millenniums

war on women2

mo state rep davuid sater

First this guy wants to pass legislation that allows pharmacies NOT to stock or sell Plan B and now he wants it to be ‘women’s fault’, yes he actually said that, ‘women’s fault’ if they DON’T take Plan B and get pregnant.

‘Despite the known electoral dangers awaiting male Republicans who think they know better than rape victims about how rape victims should act and feel, the allure of rape philosophizing lives on’.

‘The latest entrant is Missouri state legislator David Sater, who is sponsoring a bill that would extend the waiting period for an abortion from 24 hours to 72 hours’.

‘Naturally, there’s no rape exception, and naturally, Sater’s got some strong words about the irresponsibility of rape victims to justify not including one’.

  • “If a woman decides not to go to the hospital and not get the ‘Plan B,’ they’re making a decision to keep that child…

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South Darfur: Pillay urges halt to attacks targeting civilians

Database of Press Releases related to Africa - APO-Source


South Darfur: Pillay urges halt to attacks targeting civilians


GENEVA, Switzerland, March 11, 2014/African Press Organization (APO)/ UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay expressed deep concern on Tuesday that civilians in South Darfur, Sudan, have been bearing the brunt of recent attacks.

“There has been a disproportionate use of force by armed groups in areas in South Darfur that are not military targets. There must be an immediate halt to attacks on unarmed civilians,” she said.

According to witnesses, these groups have attacked some 45 villages in the Um Gunya area, approximately 50 km south of Nyala, the capital of South Darfur state, since the end of February. While it is difficult to ascertain the number of people killed, an estimated 50,000 civilians have been displaced amid looting and arson.

“I urge the authorities to protect civilians and hold to account those who have committed…

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