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Excuse Us for Living

Seventh PastaPost

Pasta Portuguese


Phil & Geri



     Excuse us for living, but we have to stop eating like this. No, never! Pasta! And we save these recipes for our famous “Friday Nights.” (See the archives in the right margin, “Friday Night/Recipe Posts.”) Only when we are truly excited about a recipe do we share it with the world!


           Lagos, like many towns along the coast of Portugal, is historically linked to the sea. Fishing in Lagos goes back to ancient times as an important economic activity. More recently, tourism has surpassed the fishing industry. Lagos became most famous by the 15th century as the center of maritime exploration. Lagos was the home port of the famous Prince Henry the Navigator. If you remember your middle school social studies lessons, Prince Henry was most famous for being responsible for the sea explorations around the…

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2 thoughts on “7th PastaPost

  1. Barbara, Many thanks for this Reblog!!! I’ll take a look around idealisticrebel while I’m here! Thanks again! Phil from “Excuse Us…”

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