11 thoughts on “Violence Against Women is a Men’s issue

  1. You are an awesome ally for women. Does this month include honoring women who have been verbally abused?

  2. This is an excellent message that Dr. Katz has expounded upon so clearly and powerfully. I believe this video should be required in all high schools and colleges. What an enlightened man!!! Thanks for giving us (your followers) this gift. 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Sunshinebright and commented:
    Thanks, Barbara, for this excellent video message regarding how important it is for men to lead the fight against abuse of women.

  4. Throughout history some have been predators and some protectors. What makes one so different to another. One thing I have noticed, the predators will predate upon anyone given the chance. They are everybody’s enemy.

  5. Thank you Barb for sharing this powerful video!

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