Walking on the Path of Peace

Let the creativity flow

Let the creativity flow

There have been many spiritual teachers who have advocated the path of peace. In this path people walk without regard to race, religion or ethnicity.I believe that these people are very enlightened souls who carry the responsibility of lighting the path of peace for others to follow. It takes a special heart and an open, accepting soul to do all that is required for peace.

Let your light shine on the path of peace

Let your light shine on the path of peace

It is not how much we do that is important; it is the love that enables us to walk on the path of peace. Peace is part of our journey if we accept it. It is one of the choices we make on our journey through this world. The smallest action done with love takes us further down the path of peace.

The beginning of the path of peace is within ourselves, in contemplation and prayer. Silent prayer within your own home where no one is watching you is the most sincere. Then what you are performing is not for the people to witness, but for yourself and God/GoddessMany spiritual people recommend beginning and ending the day with prayer. Whereever your journey takes you, the desire for peace comes from the Divinity within.

Fear is an emotion which can destroy peace or prevent it from taking root in people. Fear of being humiliated, of being despised,  of being rebuked, of being forgotten or wronged and the fear of being ridiculed can destroy a person as they walk upon their journey.  There are curves and turns in the road, and not being able to see around the next bend can cause fear. We are all capable of good and evil. No one is all good or all evil .Divinity is always stronger than the evil in the world.

Look into a baby’s eyes if you want to see Divinity. It is all that they know. They learn to hate and hurt and to destroy only as they grow. So your heart being filled with Divinity and daily choosing paths that will allow you to walk in peace is the way to begin this journey. Once you have begun, life will carry you along until you are a shining light for others.

Be the light, be the inspiration, be the reason someone is living in a state of well-being.

Sunset over water. Photograph taken and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2013

Sunset over water. Photograph taken and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2013

12 thoughts on “Walking on the Path of Peace

  1. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    I look to Ms. Barbara to guide me. And she has yet to fail me. Thank you Ms. Barbara.

  2. Alastair says:

    I love that quote. Do you mind if I nick it for my next inspirational post on Tuesday?

  3. pujakins says:

    A lovely inspirational piece. Thank you so much! Warm Hugs, Tasha

  4. Linne says:

    Great post! We are usually on the same wavelength, so I always enjoy reading your posts here.

    Don’t know what you read as a rule, but I just finished “Variable Star”, which Spider Robinson finished from an outline written by Robert A. Heinlein in 1955. In it I was introduced to the work of Alex Grey, a phenomenal artist (along with his wife). They are doing some work I think you will love (not just art).

    Check out the art here: http://alexgrey.com/art/ The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is worth some time, I think.

    Alex paints the spiritual evolution of humans; in the book, a character changes his alliance from Rinzai Zen (or Samurai Zen) to Sōtō Zen, sometimes called ‘Farmer Zen’. So I had to go look it all up and I learned a lot. Anyway, another character begins sitting zazen, a form of meditation, and after some time begins using a slideshow of Alex Grey’s work as a focal point. So that’s how I learned about Alex Grey and his wife, Allyson Grey.

    I’d heard of Spider Robinson before, but hadn’t read any of his work. After I googled him, I took ‘Variable Star’ out of the library. Now I’ve borrowed a book written by Spider and his late wife Jeanne: “The Stardance Trilogy” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stardance

    In a review, Algis Budrys declared Stardance to be “a reading experience which genuinely evokes a basic human feeling . . . that within each of us dwells something glorious that is beyond mortal error, is the seed of an angel,” concluding that “Stardance sweeps over the reader with the uncommon power attainable only by the social extrapolations of SF, and then rarely.”

    Anyway, if it’s not your thing, no worries. I just thought you might like it as much as I do. The art is definitely worth seeing and contemplating.

    ~ Linne

  5. Emma Lewis says:

    Fear is an incredibly destructive emotion, and it is also contagious, I swear. I see it all around me in Jamaica some days… And it certainly gets in the way of peace.

    • Fear gets in the way of every aspect of our lives. It isn’t just there but it is growing globally. Stand strong and the Universe will swirl within you and you will emit positive energy that will heal those around you. It all starts with each of us.

      • Emma Lewis says:

        It does seem to be growing globally, doesn’t it. I do exactly as you advise me to do, every day… Thank you for this excellent article.

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