Summer days and Sunday afternoons

Photo by Barbara MattioToday was a day to be in touch with Divinity and my inner creativity. I have begun a new painting and I love painting on my front porch as the world goes by. It felt so good to have my brushes in my hands again. I have had a year off from painting because of an injury and a torn bicep muscle and impinged shoulder. Having recovered from surgery and PT I am once again at the easel.

But today was also about my small by pretty garden and the fragrance of the flowers and watching the growth of old favorites and being close to Mother Earth. I am grateful for such a wonderful day and time in my life. So I will let my photographs tell the rest of the story.

Photo by Barbara Mattio

Photo by Barbara Mattio.

10 thoughts on “Summer days and Sunday afternoons

  1. Karen Wan says:

    You’ve created a beautiful home, and it sounds like an artistic lifestyle. Hope you stay healthy and well to enjoy your painting this summer and beyond!

  2. Your garden is beautiful. Especially love the window box. Would love to see pic’s of more of your paintings!

  3. So happy you feel well! Lovely photos!!

  4. Beautifully patched and greenly poised. Thank you for sharing this, and you!

  5. Your garden is lovely. I know I find myself to be happiest when I am among the flowers in my garden.

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