Well, I am 98% unpacked and have visited the youngest grandchildren. A year ago, I thought that I was now at an age where I was too old for adventures. Then, I began to think about moving and as most of you know, I have moved to Asheville. It has been an adventure. You are never too old to change your life. Never to old to face new challenges or to see the world from a new perspective.


I am sitting at my desk in front of my bedroom windows listening to a symphony of toads, frogs, locusts, fish in the river, wind gently caressing the leaves on the trees along the river and the sound of traffic. My health does seem to be doing some better and my spirits are up.


I have had visits with old friends, I miss newer friends and I am beginning to make connections in the city. My oldest grandchildren fell in love with Asheville. They live in NC, on the coast. It is much more humid and somewhat warmer there.


I have a sense of anticipation and curiosity. I truly do not know what is coming. This feels exciting. I am on the third floor and no longer have a garden which I miss very much. The mountains and the river are full of so much life and I am going to do whatever exploring I can do.


A young woman I know told her mother she wouldn’t be able to help her because she did have a life. She does, but so does her mother and all of the rest of humanity. It is important to remember that we share this lovely world and taking some time to give to others is a privilege. We enrich each others lives and we can change someone’s day with a smile or a thank you.


As I sit here writing to you and smelling the beautiful air, I realize that the haters, liars, the selfish are not happy, or content. They are outside of this creation we call Mother Earth. I am glad I began this new life and I am sure many adventures are coming to my life. Some all ready have and have been exciting and some were harder, but I am here and grateful to the Universe for my courage to start a new life. Don’t let change scare you and don’t run from adventures. They could be the best things in life you have ever experienced.


Hugs to all, Barbara



A Red Rose for those who have died in  War and for will in the Future

A red rose for all of you who are making changes in your life and in your world. 




Pray together to increase the power

Pray together to increase the power

11 thoughts on “Adventures

  1. Your new surroundings sound wonderful.

  2. Rajagopal says:

    Coping with changes will buoy up your spirits at any age, Barbara, and I am happy it is having a similar effect on you. I am not part of the rat race anymore, having superannuated just seven months ago, adjusting to changes myself, and living with whatever I have, trying to catch up with those things I missed out on…best wishes… Raj.

  3. This is truly an inspiring post!! So nice to read you again!

  4. Dr. Rex says:

    So glad to dr you here again …. Very happy for you about your new life!! Hugs!!

  5. Lisa says:

    You got this!!! 😉

  6. pujakins says:

    Loved this posting. Thank you for your joyful attitude. I know I too am headed for change. When I do not know. I too welcome it knowing whatever happens will be wonderful, regardless. Bless you. I hope one day we may meet in person. Until then I appreciate our friendship as it unfolds. Warm hugs, Tasha

  7. New adventures…may we never be too old or too stuck to set forth on them. Glad you are unpacked and settling in. Moving is exhausting as well as exciting.

  8. gillswriting says:

    Enjoy and be happy. You are never too old for an adventure or two. xxx

  9. Lynn says:

    I’m on the road to change, also. It’s so nice to hear that you went through with it. I don’t know where you moved from since I’m fairly new to your blog, but my husband and I keep thinking about Asheville. I guess it gets under your skin and lingers…Thanks for your wonderful positivity and compassion, and thanks for sharing. Looking forward to hearing more.

  10. RoSy says:

    Sounds like you know what’s up. Live it up!
    And – thanks for the rose. She’s BEAUTIFUL just like YOU!

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