The Story Of Cute Family Distractions While Writing A Post……And Awards !!!

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Once upon a time, there were Awards ……        No there were distractions….     No Awards…..

Ok Lets talk about distractions first !

I was nominated for some awards and I wanted to write a post about it. It takes me almost 3 to 4 hours to complete one post and I write 1 post daily. As I am at home now for vacations, It is not easy for me to give that much time to the blog thing as I used to do in hostel. I face a different situation everyday when I spend 4 hours writing a post .

These four hours never go easy on me. Let me tell you the story of today, when I am writing this post right now. I always think about what I will write next in the night. So I opened my laptop today and started writing.

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Congress Needs to Work Together for America

Our American Congress

Our American Congress

Our congress needs to rethink why they are in Washington D.C. We the people, elected President Barak Obama and the people in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Are they focused on our wishes and needs? No. No. No.

“I don’t know what would have happened if a public opinion poll was taken when Moses left Egypt! My impression is that he may not have enjoyed a majority. Shall we go after the Golden Calf because it’s the will of the majority, or should we go for the Promised Land because that is our destiny.”  —Shimon Peres

Our society has become expert in opinion polling.  In fact, it has become a science used widely by marketers, politicians, and the media. There are leaders in our country who don’t make a move without a poll. These polls they use are very sophisticated techniques. The men and women who run for congress that are visionary and progressive are few and far between. These polls have us looking at everything except ourselves. We look at others to discover what is within ourselves, deep within ourselves.

Can congress hear all of us or just the rich?

Can congress hear all of us or just the rich?

For our elected leaders to really lead in this country, it can mean choosing the path that the majority does not favor. Real leaders know ethically and morally what is needed to make this country strong again. They lead from vision not from polls. Moses did not take any polls of the Egyptian people who were slaves in Egypt. Instead he followed the vision and the words Adonai spoke to his heart. He took risks and pushed people to go forward. Many of them wanted to go back to the land of their slavery where they knew what to expect and what was coming. He looked inside to his spiritual self and led the people to the Promised Land. Even the ones who complained and whined the entire time it took them to get to the Promised Land.

America is a kind of a Promised Land for millions of people in the world. They think that all will be well if they can just get here. There will be education, jobs and health care. Those who immigrate here often find that the promises made are not real. We need to continue to be the melting pot we always have been. We need to cherish what people bring to this country. To do that, our Federal Government must take risks, to do what they know is right and not to take the easy way. Then the American people may learn to trust our elected officials again. It would not surprise me if less than 1/4 of Congress actually had a vision that moved them. Instead polls move them.

Progressive and visionary ideas are not anti religion. Any religion. They are not Communistic or Socialistic. Nothing in life remains static, and we need to progress in the way that benefits the American Dream. Trying to maintain the status quo means that we can’t grow as a nation. The needs of our nation and its people are constantly changing. So be visionary and progressive. Be Moses and take America to where it is the best nation it can be.

People often use signs to tell Congress what they want and need.

People often use signs to tell Congress what they want and need.