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Thank you for the boulder in my path
that gives me perseverance, for
the person who hurts me that I may
learn forgiveness. Thank you for
those who come into my life and annoy
me; from them I learn compassion and patience.

I do not ask you t0 remove problems from
my life, but rather for the strength and
wisdom to learn from them, then to let them go.

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  1. Loving your post and oh so true:)

  2. In my book about Fibromyalgia I wrote about it being like a huge boulder on my path and how I tried to climb over, it, squeeze around it and even dig under it. What a great visual this is.

  3. tersiaburger says:

    I wanted to be flippant and say “And the strength not to kill those that truly annoy me” and then I realized that it would be in poor taste. I am having a lousy day and violence has crossed my mind (I am a pacifist!)

    • I am too but there are days when primal screams and punching pillows helps a great deal! Don’t feel badly. It keeps you from ripping someone’s head off.LOL. And I will never tell as long as you don’t either..Blessings and healing to you my friend. I feel very close to you.

  4. Cara Olsen says:

    Yes, and amen. Without the boulders we neglect to build the most important muscles: faith, strength, and hope.

    ~ Cara

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