I can personally attest to the fact that they are loving, beautiful beings. Whales are also mammals and feel like we do. We must stop murduring our wild animals and fellow mammals.





by Gerean Pflug


Diesel powered ships

fueled by money, greed

and humans paid to crew

hunger to kill for pay

mega sized pointy spears

of monolith resistant steel

built-in hooks with jagged edges

spools of ropes and cording

explosive penthrite-tipped

cannon powered violent action

heartless slaughter intended

body piercing harpoon style

into ideal depth of the flesh

nylon cords extend

tight and quick is what it takes

to pull the pin of delivery

grenade ladened weaponry

detonation of their payload

obliteration of the body

agonizing screams of pain

desperate thrashing

a futile fight to survive

the  slow death lasts

up to a half hour or more

while hanging on to threads of life

the shots and injuries continue

empathy non existent

compassion withheld

 at last the lower jaw relaxes

flippers cease to paddle

active motion slows

flotation no longer possible

the sink begins

once innocent, sentient, living beings

majestic royalty of…

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