Keep on Trying for Higher Ground

Another shooting. Another school campus became a place of terror for our children. My daughter is a teacher and she is in a poor county in a Southern State. Lockdown is a frequent occurrence. My grandson is in college and they had a lockdown because a guy came on campus with a gun. There have been  four school shootings since Newton.

We can pray, love, be compassionate, however, we need to do more. We need to teach our children how to live ethically.  We need to be good positive role models for a non-violent life. We need to teach our children to forgive, love, and accept people as they are, blessed children of God. We need to  put hatred and violence aside.

Will it take armed guards at schools to keep our children safe? I am of mixed feelings about this. My heart screams no but I realize what our teachers and school employees go through every day. It isn’t good. This daily danger may very well influence our best teachers to find other, safer, occupations.  I believe we need to discuss the subject and leave the NRA out of our decisions. What is the best way to go?

I invite people to discuss how you feel about this subject. I am not talking about hunters or the person who keeps one gun for safety, but why do people need eighteen guns and 60 rounds of ammo? I don’t understand that. So please, let’s talk about this. It is a vital part of our American agenda.

Britain has strict gun laws and have had only 51 gun related deaths in 2010, compared to 11,078 in the U.S.  This is amazing to me and I think it is something to add to the discussion. How did they do it and make it work? So I invite my British readers to give insight from your point of view also. May we be able to end this horrible violence and put our eyes on the Divinity in this life.  I am grateful for everyone who responds.