I am also inspired.

Wise Counsel

I am inspired!
Yes, I am inspired.
It may surprise you to know that at this moment, my inspiration is neither from a beautiful picture nor an amazing speech.
This inspiration is neither from the complexity of a new solution, nor from how detailed and elaborate a new approach turned out to be.
I am neither inspired by an advancement in technology nor a new skill/technique in generating money.
I am inspired by the few words of my friend, Alexandra.
Her words are simple but honest, humble but true.
Inspiration is neither hidden in flamboyance nor ambiguity.
Inspiration hides in wisdom.
Sometimes, the simplicity of wisdom is so humbling.
We seek wisdom on the tallest mountains or in the deepest seas.
We search for wisdom in the words of great philosophers and in ancient books.
Yet wisdom stares at us from the casual words of our usual friends.


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