World Wide Commonalities

The art of music

The art of music

It has been a really painful week for many people in the world. Boston and Texas really have suffered great pain and loss.Our prayers continue for the victims and the families and friends, not to mention the survivors. After surviving any traumatic event, from the events of this last week to the unseen wounds of war, healing can take a lot of time, perseverance and gutsHorrors seen and experienced can leave terribly deep wounds.

I found my husband dead of a heart attack, sitting in the study with his feet propped up on the desk and a cup of coffee next to him. He had been there all day while I had been at work at the American Red Cross and had gone grocery shopping. It was dark and I turned on the desk lamp and found him. The diagnosis was a massive heart attack that I could not have stopped.

I had a diagnosis of PTSD and don’t like the dark to this day. The point is that no matter what your lifestyle is, pain and tragedy can find you. There is a wonderful book called, “When Bad Things Happen to Good People.” It was written by Rabbi Kuschner..

From my experience running a psych unit,  through my husband’s death and after being battered as a child, I have found a prescription of sorts for healing.

Beauty and our love for it is an inborn need and many artistic tastes are universal across the countries of the world. People in most countries prefer water and trees in the distance.From writing music to words, from singing your favorite songs to painting your first tulipwe have a need to express the art that resides in our souls. From looking at Degas sculptures to writing your first book, you are working from the instinct to produce what you relate to as Art.
Miriam, the Jewish Prophetess danced, sang and played the tambourine. KISS wears make-up and stick out their tongues and millions rocks to their music and its message for the soul.

Close your eyes and try to imagine a world where everything is utilitarian, political or for business. No music, dance, no sketching, painting, writing for pleasure, no moments of the day savored because of their beauty.Across the world people find many different things they consider art but it all performs to express the basic instinct. So today, work on healing with the creativity in your heart and soul.

The beauty of music

The beauty of music

Art evolution

Art evolution

A profile in color

A profile in color

Horse made from drift wood

Horse made from drift wood

11 thoughts on “World Wide Commonalities

  1. Clanmother says:

    A wonderful post and a beautiful beginning to my day! I am singing….

  2. Linne says:

    Reblogged this on A Random Harvest and commented:
    This is such a timely post! Note what happens when you do as suggested: “close your eyes and imagine a world where everything is utilitarian, political or for business”. Is that the world you would want to live in? Not me! Art and music are more than decorative and time-fillers; they are healing and inspirational, whether you create or contemplate the creations of others. I hope you do both!

    • Well said, you can write my next one. LOL. Art and music has a huge effect on our kids in schools. Many school districts are cutting the arts. This will be a disaster. Music students excell at Math.We can not educate one half of the human mind and expect a whole person, Hugs, Barbara

    • That is why I have never been considered practical. I am though, just a few crulieques and arches so like is not a burden.

  3. RoSy says:

    Thank you for sharing your prescription. Barbara you are a beautiful strong soul. What you share with us shows that.

  4. pujakins says:

    I’m about to post mine on this subject, perhaps you will like it also. Hugs and Blessings. Let us shine the light until the whole world is bright!

  5. Couldn’t agree more and what a beautiful blog.

  6. driftlesspage says:

    Thank you for sharing this – it was something I needed to hear today. Artists sometimes get very discouraged, but it helps me to hear that a love for beauty is a healing force in the world. May you encounter beauty often:-)

  7. Dear Barbara, I realize we have never formally met however may I express my sincere condolences for the loss of your husband. I can only hope and pray that I can be as courageous as you under such tradegy. This pass Saturday my husband & I celebrated twenty-two years of marriage which gave rise to the thought of life without him but I pushed those emotions away concentrating on the present. We went to a baseball game although it doesn’t fit one’s idea of “art” there is poetry and grace in sports which often goes unnoticed and not appreciated by many. Forgive my rambling but I think such feats of athleticism are forms of art which can serve as therapy for the wounded psyche. Thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts .
    Yours Sincerely,

    • Nancy, your comments are very welcome. My only advice is to remember live life in the moment. There is always change and our journeys are never flat and straight.Grief is hard, but we can walk through it.

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