Bouquet of Awards — 7 Awards in one!


Thanks to PrayingForOneDay for thinking enough of me to nominate me for all this!

There’s only one rule to follow…do all the stuff in RED

Rules: Only one here…

The ABC Award requires the nominee to write a word or a phrase about him/herself for each letter of the English alphabet.

  1. A is for artsy
  2. B is for blonde, though it used to be black
  3. C is for caring
  4. D is for determined
  5. E is for eclectic
  6. F is for free
  7. G is for gracious
  8. H is forhappy
  9. I is for impatient
  10. J is for justice
  11. K is for kitchen where food is prepared with love
  12. L is for love
  13. M is for mother
  14. N is for nana
  15. O is for obstinant
  16. P is for purple princess
  17. Q is for qauality
  18. R is for regular
  19. S is for sassy
  20. T is for transition
  21. U is for all of u my friends
  22. V is for value
  23. W is for weathering
  24. X is for e…xample
  25. Y is for youthful
  26. Z is for zydeco

My nominees:

  1. Beccagivens
  2. cindysart
  3. alistair
  4. brendamarroy
  5. clan mother
  6. renard moerau
  7. godstix

The Loyal Reader Award

loyal-reader-awardMuch thanks to TersiaBurger for this award.  I love her blog, and am proud to say I loyally read every word.  She is also a wonderful, loyal read of mine — so here it is right back to you, too!

The rules are simple, because simple is good.

1. Display the award on your blog.

2. Thank the person who sent it to you.

3. Answer a rhetorical question of the authors choosing.

4. Send on the award to everyone you consider a loyal reader.

Rhetorical Question:

If you were on a deserted island, how would you survive?  With my Kindle and my iPad, a case of really good Rum — and a really big solar battery

My loyal readers:

1) Juiseppi B

2) MountainMae

3) RoSy

4) A Nine-Pound Hammer

5) CravesAdventure

6) CrowingCroneJoss

7) Alex Jones

8) Eleganzabello

9) PrayingForOneDay

10) CatKay1984

11) Pujakins

The Time is Here

Time Piece

Time, as we understand it did not begin until the nineteenth century. At that time, people got up and went to bed with the sun. Candlelight isn’t good lighting for reading, sewing or fixing tools. Many other people ordered their lives by the whistles of the factory or by the town clock.

People were often late by fifteen or twenty minutes. Almost everyone was late and it wasn’t considered important because time wasn’t a constant. In 1880, the concept of an appointment was developed. With the birth of “appointments” came the responsibility to be on time. Time was local and not organized.

This all changed with the advent of  trains. Trains needed a schedule. Schedules needed standardization. A schedule meant there had to be universal time.

The country was divided into time zones and it was made uniform.  In the last fifty years, our sense of time has been completely overturned. A few years ago, one received a letter, you read it and thought about what was in the letter. Then you answered it and posted the response. It took perhaps a week to complete this correspondence. Then we had faxes to speed up the time of  correspondence. Now there is social media, texting, e-mail and Skype. Instant answers are expected.

What happens to human beings when the rhythm goes faster and faster? The faster humans run, the more empty they feel. We need to slow down and rediscover our families and friends. We need to give ourselves time for ourselves. We need to go inside for communion with the Divine. It is time to find time for yourself and for renewal of the soul. It is time to take time for ourselves and our families.

An image of time.

An image of time.