Bouquet of Awards — 7 Awards in one!


Thanks to PrayingForOneDay for thinking enough of me to nominate me for all this!

There’s only one rule to follow…do all the stuff in RED

Rules: Only one here…

The ABC Award requires the nominee to write a word or a phrase about him/herself for each letter of the English alphabet.

  1. A is for artsy
  2. B is for blonde, though it used to be black
  3. C is for caring
  4. D is for determined
  5. E is for eclectic
  6. F is for free
  7. G is for gracious
  8. H is forhappy
  9. I is for impatient
  10. J is for justice
  11. K is for kitchen where food is prepared with love
  12. L is for love
  13. M is for mother
  14. N is for nana
  15. O is for obstinant
  16. P is for purple princess
  17. Q is for qauality
  18. R is for regular
  19. S is for sassy
  20. T is for transition
  21. U is for all of u my friends
  22. V is for value
  23. W is for weathering
  24. X is for e…xample
  25. Y is for youthful
  26. Z is for zydeco

My nominees:

  1. Beccagivens
  2. cindysart
  3. alistair
  4. brendamarroy
  5. clan mother
  6. renard moerau
  7. godstix

2 thoughts on “Bouquet of Awards — 7 Awards in one!

  1. Colline says:


  2. RoSy says:

    Congrats on that lovely bouquet of awards!
    Love the peace symbol on your blog background too 🙂

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