A Battle Won

Justice and long prison sentences for the people who buy and sell people.

Justice and long prison sentences for the people who buy and sell people.

Today, the FBI orchestrated a large sting to find and help boys and girls in slavery.
Many pimps were arrested. They were arrested under Federal laws because they had moved the children across state lines.

The children were set free and they ranged in age from 13 years old to seventeen years old. They were being made to sell their bodies and commit many terrible sex acts. They had no choice and were often threatened with death unless they satisfied their owners/pimps.

The profit from owning people and forcing them to have sex to remain alive is twenty seven million dollars. Yes, I said twenty seven million.

The children are now free. Can you imagine how that must feel for them? Can you imagine how their families feel? The grief they have endured thinking their boys and girls were dead. Pimps were arrested and I think they need to have 1000 year sentence. Once out they will go back to their slavery rings and begin again. Long sentences are vital.

For the newly freed children, this picture is ended.

For the newly freed children, this picture is ended.

These families and friends must get to know their children  again. This is going to require quite a long transition. These families have a long journey ahead.  I am so happy for these kids and I worry about all of their memories. The ones that will remain for the rest of their lives. We do know that they have had the worst of living nightmares.

It is important to realize that supply and demand play into this story.  The Johns, the people who buy sex are the reason that the millions of people are kidnapped and sold and become sex slaves.  Johns are hardly ever arrested. The FBI says the demand is growing.  Johns need to be stopped and held responsible for their actions. Men who buy sex are disgusting and need to be arrested and face jail time.

The sexual slaves have no choice except death

The sexual slaves have no choice except death

So, we have won a battle, but It still leaves millions of slaves in the world today. If you see someone who seems to be at risk call, 1-888-3737-888. This hotline helps people and prevents some children from being taken as slaves. We can also all pray, however we do it and pray for more people to be saved and allowed to be free once again.

Rights for Women Won’t End on November sixth

November 6, 2012 does decide who will be our President for the next four years.What won’t be decided is what will happen to women and our rights and issues.

In 2013, we face another important battle in Congress. We need to have passed the legislation to make women legally equal. Think it is not necessary? That is what they said about women voting. Essentially, they said we weren’t smart enough to vote. Not only are we smart enough but we are smarter than some men. Nothing personal.

Women are still going to require access to contraception. The whole “be fruitful and multiply” thing is well past the point of no return. We have seven billion plus human beings on this planet and I believe we have fulfilled the directive.

Children around the world are dying from hunger, lack of clean water, violent revolutions, greed, bigotry, racism and in some countries if a girl is born she will be left to die. Baby girls die alone, unwanted and unloved. Even if their mothers want them, the husband will throw both of them out, if necessary.

Here in America, the most prosperous country in the world, our children aren’t golden. They often lack proper education, health care, food, love, encouragement. Why you ask? Because they weren’t born into rich families, but into poor and disadvantaged families. Most of society turns away from the reality of what these children lack and what they suffer.

Domestic Violence is gaining victims. The laws we worked so hard to get on the books, are often not being enforced. Young girls are not being told no one has the right to pinch, punch, slap, rape, hit, demean, kick, or call them names. We must tell these girls there is help and they should not be forced to live in violence. There are help lines and shelters where then will be helped and legally protected in every state and in almost every town.

Human trafficking is where many boys and girls end up. Sold into sexual slavery and facing decades of being objectified and beaten by any man who has the money to pay for their services. These kids live in hell on earth. Their innocent souls corrupted and ravaged by men who only care about themselves and what their money can buy them.

All people have the right to live authentically. No one should have to pretend to fit in. Everyone needs to be accepted for who they are. Parents, society and governments need to make this possible…

I have barely scratched the surface, but I will continue to address these issues as time goes on.