Not A Chance

You are a very good poet and I have read your work before. Your words remind me of the Sufi poet Rumi. This is a huge compliment. Hugs, Barbara

Sounds of the Son

A drunken laugh is not a laugh
A drunken dance is not a dance
They are but half hearted happenings
That know nothing of romance

A drunken smile is not a smile
A drunken glance is not a glance
They are but half hearted hankerings
From the soul in a weakened stance

A drunken love is not a love
A drunken chance is not a chance
They are but half heart handlings
Of time given, and its advance

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Defrocked Methodist pastor speaks

This is pathetic and certainly not Christian. I am sorry the father was defrocked. In peace and harmony, Barbara

Anderson Cooper 360

Frank Schaefer defied the rules of the United Methodist Church when he performed his son’s same-sex wedding. After suspending Schaefer, church officials officially defrocked him today. Anderson spoke to Schaefer about his situation and the anti-gay comments by ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson.

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