What is Assimilation, Anyway?

I understand how you feel. My grandparents taught us nothing of the culture of the old country. But they did teach mr a lot about war, living right and to love with an open heart. Hugs, Barbara

A French American Life

I often meet people, my age or older, whose parents immigrated to the U.S. and intentionally avoided teaching their offspring their native language, believing that it would both inhibit their child’s ability to learn English and interfere with their assimilation into American culture. Every one of these now grown “children” expresses regret that they didn’t learn their family’s native tongue.

How times have changed. We now understand that, especially for young children, learning two or more languages is not only possible, but developmentally advantageous. Immigration laws have changed. Our world, too, is smaller. Once upon a time, people boarded a ship knowing they would never see their home country again. They were forced to cut all ties and make a home in the place they landed. Now, we are a Facebook or FaceTime exchange away; we can hop on a plane and be almost anywhere in the world in less…

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Peace and Justice Award


We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

Peace and Justice Award

IDEALISTIC REBEL created this award.

In her own words:

I am creating this award to honor Word Press bloggers who support Peace and Justice throughout the world and who are against Racism, Bigotry, Anger and Hatred.  It is for the Heroesand the Sheroes who believe in One World and All People of all Races, Sexes, Religions, Creeds and Cultures Living in Harmony.

It is my hope that recipients of this award will feel proud to know their hard work for Peace and Justice has been recognized by their fellow bloggers. “  

Peace signs

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China launches lunar probe carrying ‘Jade Rabbit’ moon buggy

Better they send the craft into space than into another country.

China News

China launched its first ever extraterrestrial landing craft into orbit en route for the moon in the small hours of Monday, in a major milestone for its space program.

The Chang’e-3 lunar probe, which includes the Yutu or Jade Rabbit buggy, blasted off on board an enhanced Long March-3B carrier rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in China’s southwestern Sichuan province at 1:30 a.m. (12.30 p.m. EDT).

President Xi Jinping has said he wants China to establish itself as a space superpower, and the mission has inspired widespread pride in China’s growing technological prowess. State television showed a live broadcast of the rocket lifting off.

If all goes smoothly, the rover will conduct geological surveys and search for natural resources after the probe touches down on the moon in mid-December as China’s first spacecraft to make a soft landing beyond Earth.

In 2007, China launched its first moon…

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My gratitude

womenholdingupearth                                                                                                                                                        Some people hold up our planet, 

                                                                                                                                                        Some are just thrilled it is still spinning

As many of you know I have been very ill. This is my first day I could get up and stay up. I am grateful. So are my plants. I am not myself yet and so I suspect this won’t be my longest blog. I want to that everyone for their prayers and kind thoughts. It has meant a lot to me. I appreciate the awards you have given me and I am very humbled. My day does not feel complete unless I have written. Thank you to all who have read my work and supported me for a year and a half now.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that only Americans celebrate. It started well in the past when this country still belongs to the Native Americans. Before we took all of their land from them as well as their culture and religion.  We are not the only people to force indigenous peoples from their lands. I always think it is important that God/Goddess did not give us America. We stole it. People don’t realize how difficult life on reservations is. If you leave your reservation, you can never go back. That is horrible. We have guaranteed that they can’t make it in the mainstream of American life. If they do, they must pay for their success.

I am grateful for free speech, for the ability to live in this present moment. I am grateful that the world is not at war again. I am grateful for family and friends. I am grateful for my health improving and for the care my sister gave me. I am grateful for making it to sixty three and am hoping for twenty more years. I want to see all of the grands grown up and fulfilling their potential. So it isn’t Thanksgiving today. I was really out of it but I am glad to have an opportunity to express my thoughts today. I wish you all a wonderful time celebrating your own holidays, whichever that may be. Shalom and Blessed be.

Happy Chanukah to all my Jewish friends

Happy Chanukah to all my Jewish friends

My religion is love

My religion is love

Birthers are asking about Malia and Sasha Obama’s birth certificates

To the American people who have gotten to high or drink too much, I have to respectfully say that you all crazy. Now you are trying to make children feel bad. Hugs, Barbara

The Fifth Column

A friend sent me this information via email.  I’ve decided just to provide a link to this insanity, so that anyone who wishes to read the article can do so.


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