My gratitude

womenholdingupearth                                                                                                                                                        Some people hold up our planet, 

                                                                                                                                                        Some are just thrilled it is still spinning

As many of you know I have been very ill. This is my first day I could get up and stay up. I am grateful. So are my plants. I am not myself yet and so I suspect this won’t be my longest blog. I want to that everyone for their prayers and kind thoughts. It has meant a lot to me. I appreciate the awards you have given me and I am very humbled. My day does not feel complete unless I have written. Thank you to all who have read my work and supported me for a year and a half now.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that only Americans celebrate. It started well in the past when this country still belongs to the Native Americans. Before we took all of their land from them as well as their culture and religion.  We are not the only people to force indigenous peoples from their lands. I always think it is important that God/Goddess did not give us America. We stole it. People don’t realize how difficult life on reservations is. If you leave your reservation, you can never go back. That is horrible. We have guaranteed that they can’t make it in the mainstream of American life. If they do, they must pay for their success.

I am grateful for free speech, for the ability to live in this present moment. I am grateful that the world is not at war again. I am grateful for family and friends. I am grateful for my health improving and for the care my sister gave me. I am grateful for making it to sixty three and am hoping for twenty more years. I want to see all of the grands grown up and fulfilling their potential. So it isn’t Thanksgiving today. I was really out of it but I am glad to have an opportunity to express my thoughts today. I wish you all a wonderful time celebrating your own holidays, whichever that may be. Shalom and Blessed be.

Happy Chanukah to all my Jewish friends

Happy Chanukah to all my Jewish friends

My religion is love

My religion is love

13 thoughts on “My gratitude

  1. petrel41 says:

    Best wishes for you!

  2. godtisx says:

    Gad you’re feeling a little bit better and I agree with what you said about Native Americans and Indigenous people, why I am always a little uncomfortable with the idea of thanksgiving day. I try to relate to it from the standpoint of being grateful for things that bless me, but I also keep the folks who this country belongs to in mind (devoting some time remembering them as well). Get completely well, soon…

  3. RoSy says:

    Glad you are on the mend. Keep taking it easy & don’t rush back to routine.
    Thanksgiving is a nice day to observe & give thanks.
    But – really – this can be done any day – if not every day. So – it’s all good 😉

  4. inavukic says:

    Welcome back – champ! 😀

  5. Glad you are feeling better. Don’t overdo it. We all have a lot to be grateful for and a lot to ponder as well. You help us do both those things, every day.

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