The Future is Here: 4-D Printing

This is amazing. People used to make fun of sci-fi lovers. We are living in a exciting time. Harmony, Barbara

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4dprintingmaterial3-D printing has already triggered a revolution in manufacturing by allowing people to determine the length, width and depth of an object that they want to create. But thanks to research being conducted at the University of Colorado, Boulder, a fourth dimension can now be included – time. Might sounds like science fiction, until you realize that the new manufacturing process will make it possible to print objects that change their shape at a given time.

Led by Prof. H. Jerry Qi, the scientific team have developed a “4D printing” process in which shape-memory polymer fibers are deposited in key areas of a composite material item as it’s being printed. By carefully controlling factors such as the location and orientation of the fibers, those areas of the item will fold, stretch, curl or twist in a predictable fashion when exposed to a stimulus such as water, heat or mechanical pressure.

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Bob Dylan Charged With Insulting Behaviour And Incitement To Hatred Over Comments About Croatians

I watched the videos on the side bars and learned a lot. Hugs, Barbara

Croatia, the War, and the Future

AFP Reports: Bob Dylan has been charged with insulting behaviour and incitement to hatred in France after a Croat group filed a complaint about an interview in Rolling Stone magazine, a judicial source says.

It follows a legal complaint lodged by a Croat association in France over a 2012 interview Dylan gave to Rolling Stone magazine.

The American singer was questioned and charged in mid-November after the group complained about the interview, in which he allegedly compared the relationship between Jews and Nazis to that of Serbs and Croats.

The Council of Croats in France (CRICCF) had filed the complaint a year ago over an analogy he made in the 2012 interview while discussing race relations in the United States.

Back in September 2012 I wrote a post on Bob Dylan’s atrocious, vilifying and hateful statement regarding Croats and Serbs and KKK and Americans in his Rolling Stone interview.

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Are we really suffering with Obama as President

The House of Representives and their actions

Obama is a truthful man of character

Obama is a truthful man of character




       Republicans wanted to increase interest  rates


          Solar energy is cheaper, but won’t make oil companies as much money

46 million Americans without food beginning tomorrow

Obama is trying to prevent mass shootings.

Obama is trying to prevent mass shootings.

Justice and long prison sentences for the people who buy and sell people.

Justice and long prison sentences for the people who buy and sell people.

Praying hands that mean so much to God

Black and white are all equal human beings

We need to take care of our environment. GOP keeps voting in favor of big oil companies and against the environment.

We need to take care of our environment. GOP keeps voting in favor of big oil companies and against the environment.

This is your opportunity to stop this subjection and ownership of the female gender

This is your opportunity to stop this subjection and ownership of the female gender

world peace

   We must work with all countries to promote peace

Due to the game of politics, many of the issues you see here are being ignored or fought by Republicans.  This isn’t even all of them. We need to be a progressive nation. The Founding Fathers did not found the United States of America by being conservative. The conservatives were the Tories. These were men of vision and dreams. They stood up and decided that we didn’t need to be a colony and that we needed to be our own country. Wow. What bravery and courage to even come up with a plan of strategy. Yet they were progressive and working to design a progressive government.

Not everyone agreed. And out of the heated discussions some were named traitors. If you wanted to remain under the king, you felt that others were traitors So if you are descended from colonists who came over on the Mayflower, you might have the blood of traitors in your families. Those traitors were men of vision and saw a very different future.

We are in a similar situation now. The Republicans are mired in mud over their heads. The Republicans are fighting Obama, why? Because they are racists?  Why do they want to have control over women’s health and bodies? They cut monies for food for the poor. Why? I believe that many people of wealth look down on poor people. They think they are lazy, and have what they deserved. Oh, but what about the fact that the GOP doesn’t want to pay for contraception and doesn’t want to feed the babies which are born due to this lack? I don’t think that anyone asks to be born, therefore, we need to give a helping hand. Many poor people are working but our minimum wage is so low a family can’t live on it.  Do the Republicans care…no. Their voting records show us that.

The Republicans keep voting against our environment. The energy companies fund large lobbies to woo the Republicans to vote against clean energy. What about the air and water you ask? Well, it is a concern. So is all the chemicals they are putting in our food. Fracking is another issue which the GOP wants to ignore. Fracking causes more earthquakes.

We have twice now elected a man of color as President. I have seen more activity within the KKK. I believe prejudice is the real reason the Republicans are fighting every issue that would benefit the American people. They are prejudiced against  making life easier for people of color, the poor, education, equal pay for equal work, the minimum wage and having clean air to breath.

There are many lies being told and there is much hatred going on in Washington. I believe if we allowed President Obama to put his progressive programs into effect, America would be a much better place to live. I love America but the anger and hatred we live with is so toxic to our world and ourselves. As the American people we have a responsibility to know what is going on in our government. To turn off the news and just focus on our lives is not being responsible.

A journalist asked a woman which health plan she had more faith in. The journalist asked the woman which plan she preferred Obamacare or the Affordable Health Care Act. She thought a moment and said she preferred the Affordable Health Care Act to Obamacare. When asked why she replied that it was too much, too confusing so she wasn’t going to get it. I will end my comments here.

Children learn racism

Racism is the vehicle for hatred and anger. 

If You Could Save Only Eight Books… Part Two

My list would be: the Talmud, The complete sayings of Hazrat Inayat khan, The Oxford book of Poetry, Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman. Out of Africa, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Feminist Mystic and last but not least the Diary of Ann Frank. However I believe I would just take my Kindle. Peaceful reading, Barbara

Paul Sutton Reeves

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve invited some of my favourite bloggers to share with us the books that they’d reprieve from their collections if they could save only eight of them. First up is Lauren Sapala. Lauren has an excellent blog crammed with practical advice and inspiring ideas for writing. It can be found at Before choosing her eight books, I asked Lauren to tell us a little about her writing.

I started by asking her how long she’d been writing. “Since I was a child,” she told me, “but I started seriously writing in 2006.” To date she’s written four novels and a short story collection and is working now on a fifth novel. I asked her how she’d describe her writing style and subject matter. “I write dark autobiographical fiction, and dark literary fiction. My writing deals primarily with addiction, alcoholism, and psychological dysfunction.”…

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