Winter Party Advice

This is the time of year for Holiday parties. It is always difficult to decide what to wear. A dress, a skirt or pants. What color should it be?  Does it still fit me well? Will I be too warm in it or too cool?  Since I was a selling specialist for several American designers such as Michael Kors. (Yes, I know I have done many different things. I bore easily) Today’s blog is good solid advice you can count on. I recommend black and white. Summer or winter. White is now allowed after Labor Day. I am sure you are glad to hear that. This video will show you some ways to wear it.


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Mom…..I Love You !!!

A first adventure.


When it comes to abroad studies, teenagers are super excited about moving to a new country, meeting new people, learning new ways, new culture and most importantly if you come from India all you think is freedom of Space. So all in all it is a new life with a new purpose for the individual. But when it comes to parents, it is every parent’s worst nightmare sending their children for Abroad Studies. They wave their grown-up children off on an overseas adventure of a lifetime not knowing when they will be able to see again.

My journey didn’t begin when I checked-in the Airport to board my flight bidding farewell to all my family and friends, but it started when I got the acceptance letter from the desired University and as soon as my Visa was approved. PANIC ATTACK !!!! this was the first of many to follow panic attacks my…

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En Memoriam (12/14/13)

I join in asking for the parents of Sandy Hook and I light of today’s shooting for all of the staff, students, families and friends. Blessings and hugs,


Three years have passed since the horror at Sandy Hook made that school a household name in the US. For most of the world, time and events have moved on. There is an abundance of new stories and issues to pull at our heart strings and to enter into our prayer lists. For the relatives of the victims, December 14 will always be an incredibly difficult day. Even as we celebrate the joys and traditions and meaning of Christmas, for those families that empty seat at the table will loom large. The new memories not being made with those children will stick throats, water eyes, and leave hearts empty. Please, today, let’s take a moment out of our day to pray for the families of the victims of Sandy Hook.

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