Memorial Service for Nelson Mandela

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World leaders, celebrities join South Africans at memorial service
• “The world thanks you for sharing Nelson Mandela with us,” Obama says
• Despite pouring rain, crowds sing and dance
• The four-hour memorial took place at Johannesburg’s FNB stadium
Johannesburg (CNN) — They gathered in the tens of thousands — presidents, prime ministers, royals, celebrities and ordinary South Africans — all united to say farewell to a man hailed as a global symbol of reconciliation.
In what has been billed as one of the largest gatherings of global leaders in recent history, representatives from around the world joined street sweepers, actors and religious figures to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela.
From President Barack Obama to Cuba’s Raul Castro, praise came from all sides in a four-hour memorial service at Johannesburg FNB stadium for the revered statesman, who died Thursday at age 95.
“We will never see the likes of Nelson Mandela again,” Obama said in a speech to roaring cheers.
Planning for the Mandela memorial service

Bono: Mandela chose love over hate

mandela and bono

“To the people of South Africa — people of every race and every walk of life — the world thanks you for sharing Nelson Mandela with us,” he said, calling him a “giant of history.”
Gray skies and pouring rain throughout the service did little to dampen the mood.
Inside the stadium, the atmosphere was celebratory, with people dancing, blowing vuvuzela plastic horns and singing songs from the anti-apartheid struggle.
Around them, huge poster pictures of Mandela hung inside the stadium. In that same place 23 years earlier, Mandela had delivered his first speech after he was released from prison, hailed by supporters as the hope of a new South Africa.
Also known as Soccer City, the stadium was where Mandela made his last public appearance at the World Cup final in July 2010.
On Tuesday, many people carried banners honoring “Madiba,” Mandela’s traditional clan name. Others were draped in materials covered with his face or the green, yellow, black, red and blue colors of the South African flag.
Some had skipped work and lined up for hours to secure seats so that they could pay their respects to a man who’s considered a moral compass and South Africa’s symbol of the struggle against racial oppression.
“There is no one like Madiba. He was one of a kind,” South African President Jacob Zuma said.
“Everyone has had a Mandela moment when this world icon has touched their lives.”
‘Tata Madiba’
The memorial service, coinciding with U.N. Human Rights Day, was the centerpiece of a week of mourning.
It began with a marching band playing the national anthem.
The joyous cries died down as speeches from Mandela’s family and friends, members of the African National Congress, as well as a fellow Robben Island prison inmate, began.
Anguished faces listened quietly as a sorrowful chant to “Tata Madiba” filled the air. “Tata” means “father” in Mandela’s Xhosa tribe.

‘The world has lost a beloved friend and mentor’

four presidents

Mandela through the years
How Mandela shaped a new South Africa
Mandela’s gift for uniting foes across political and racial divides was still evident at the service.
Walking up the stairs onto the stage to deliver his speech, Obama shook hands with Castro, an unprecedented gesture between the leaders of two nations that have been at loggerheads for more than half a century.
He earlier gave a warm greeting to Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, kissing her on both cheeks, despite recent tension between the two countries over reports the U.S. government was spying on her communications.
Obama, who like Mandela was his nation’s first black president, has cited Mandela as his own inspiration for entering politics.
He said his death should prompt self-reflection.
“With honesty, regardless of our station or our circumstance, we must ask: How well have I applied his lessons in my own life?” Obama said.
“It is a question I ask myself, as a man and as a president. We know that like South Africa, the United States had to overcome centuries of racial subjugation. As was true here, it took sacrifice — the sacrifices of countless people, known and unknown — to see the dawn of a new day.”
The presidents of Namibia, India, Cuba and South Africa were also designated speakers, as were Roussef and Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao.
“South Africa has lost a hero, they have lost a father. The world has lost a beloved friend and mentor,” United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said to loud cheers.
“Nelson Mandela was more than one of the greatest leaders of our time, he was one of the greatest teachers. And he taught by example.”
The stadium, which can seat around 90,000 people, was not full, and speeches were hard to hear at times. But the celebratory mood was evident as thousands clapped and waved South African flags throughout the service.
Presidents and celebrities
Foreign guests included British Prime Minister David Cameron, the Prince of Wales, French President Francois Hollande and Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
“It means a lot because it really is to say goodbye to an extraordinary man and to commemorate someone who did so much not just for South Africa, but also for the world in terms of the inspiration that he gave,” Cameron told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.
Nobel Peace Prize laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu and members of The Elders, a group of retired statesmen founded by Mandela and others, were also in attendance, including former U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter.
The crowds cheered loudly and clapped as a huge screen showed famous faces, such as F.W. de Klerk, the last leader of white South Africa, who shared a Nobel Peace Prize with Mandela for helping to end apartheid.
Mandela’s widow, Graca Machel, and his former wife Winnie Mandela embraced and kissed as they arrived.
The world of entertainment also was well represented, with South African actress Charlize Theron and U2’s Bono in attendance. Celebrity guests also included model Naomi Campbell.

Tight security
With 91 heads of state attending, security was tight.
Working off plans developed for years in secret, the South African government planned to use an elite military task force, sniper teams and canine teams to help secure the stadium, CNN’s Arwa Damon reported Monday. In addition, helicopters and military jets frequently flew overhead.
U.S. officials said they were satisfied with security arrangements.
The event rivaled other significant state funerals in recent decades, such as that of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1965 and the 2005 funeral of Pope John Paul II, which attracted some 2 million people to Rome — among them four kings, five queens, at least 70 presidents and prime ministers and the leaders of 14 other faiths.
Security was also stepped up outside Mandela’s home, where crowds danced under umbrellas. Some even enjoyed the rain, jumping into puddles.
“We want to respect our father of the nation, our father of the country. That is why we left work to pay that respect to him,” one South African told CNN.
Send us your stories, memories and photographs of the Nobel Peace prize winner and former South African president
State funeral on Sunday
Crews had worked overtime Monday to prepare the stadium for the service.
The government set up overflow locations at stadiums and other facilities throughout the country.
With private vehicles banned from the area around the stadium, the government pressed buses from around the country into service and stepped up train service to move the crowds.
In Soweto township, where Mandela lived before he was imprisoned for 27 years, people waited for three hours for buses to take them to the stadium. Unfazed by the wait, they sang and danced.
While Tuesday’s memorial is the first major event honoring Mandela since his death, it won’t be the last.
A state funeral will be held Sunday in Mandela’s ancestral hometown of Qunu in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province.
Other speakers at Tuesday’s service included Mandela’s friend and fellow anti-apartheid activist Archbishop Tutu
“We promise God that we are going to follow the example of Nelson Mandela,” he said to loud cheers.
Mandela family members, including his grandchildren, also spoke.
Paying tribute to his uncle, Gen. Thanduxolo Mandela said his family has gone through waves of grief, sorrow and anguish after his death.
But “today, more than any other feeling my family holds is thankfulness for that wonderful life,” he said, also giving thanks for the outpouring of respect from around the world
“This universal show of unity is a true reflection of all that Madiba stood for — peace, justice, unity of all mankind. Let us pledge to keep Madiba’s dream alive.”

CNN’s Michael Pearson, Athena Jones, Holly Yan, Chris Cuomo, Kim Norgaard, Robin Curnow, Arwa Damon Errol Barnett and David McKenzie contributed to this report.

Sunshine Award – again


The wonderful, generous and creative Shaun (did I mention brave?) nominated me for this wonderful award.  I am touched and proud to receive it from him, as he brings a lot of Sunshine to world himself 🙂

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HIs Day is Done

Today’s Memorial Service was so amazing and historic. It was amazing to see all of that love and peace being released into the world like this. It strikes me that Mr. Mandela would have been so amazed and probably is amazed and so very pleased. There are so many sources of negativity/ evil constantly being added to the energy of the world.  We all, here at WorldPress add positive energy to the world on a daily basis. I have been to Peace Convocations where there were speeches, drumming, dancing, loving and white doves were freed and it was so wonderful. But today, once again due to Nelson Mandela we have put so much positive energy into the world. My heart constricts with joy. The words, the music will always remain for the glory of forgiveness, peace, reconciliation and freedom. All this day, this ordinary Tuesday here on our planet, has become part of the legacy of Nelson Mandela. I envision the angels singing while the four hour service  was being conducted.

Mandela and Clinton on a visit to America.

Mandela and Clinton on

 a visit to America.

Mr. Mandela has shown us that” it always looks impossible until it is done.”    —President Barak Obama giving his speech at Memorial Service

I saw a gesture of unity and reconciliation today with an unplanned act. When President Obama walked over and shook hands with Castro, it was as if the spirit of Nelson Mandela stood next to them smiling in approval. It was just a handshake but it was an unselfish act that might be the beginning of reconciliation and understanding. It might not, but it is a crack in the wall of anger and hatred between our two countries.

If we are walking on the journey of freedom to peace, each small step is a positive action towards peace. It can get discouraging wanting peace, forgiveness, and love in our World. A world that houses all of us…sentient beings. There is no other way we and the planet will survive.

                     Mr. Nelson Mandela’s legacy will last into eternity

The four hour Memorial Service for Nelson Mandela

The four hour Memorial Service for
Nelson Mandela Rest in peace. You have changed the world.

Nelson Mandela is now a historical legend.  His words while inspire generations of Human Beings.

Nelson Mandela is now a legend                                                                                                                                               Generations of Human Beings will know that this great man walked his talk, and wanted peace and freedom for South Africa. He was willing to give up his life for the ideals of freedom and peace. Even the twenty seven years he lived in prison and he forgave them. May we always remember how important forgiveness is in our lives.

Catholic priest ran cult-like ‘Charlie Brown’ group to sexually abuse young girls, royal commission hears

I believe that events thought out history have proven that the concept of celibacy has a few holes. The cast rads, cardinals and some popes having some mistresses and children. I am not finding fault because every organizations have faults. Perhaps it is for the church to become authentic. If they aren’t able then……

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Catholic priest ran cult-like ‘Charlie Brown’ group to sexually abuse young girls, royal commission hears

JANET FIFE-YEOMANS The Daily Telegraph
December 09, 2013

A CATHOLIC priest ran a cult-like group sexually abusing young girls giving them all the surname Brown, as in Charlie Brown from the Peanuts comic strip, the royal commission has been told.

Her voice wavering, one member of the group, Joan Isaacs, said Father Francis Derriman told her he was dying and had to have sex with her first.

He fathered a child with another girl in the group when she was 17.

Ms Isaacs said: “Frank Derriman used the Peanut comic as a platform and used the surname Brown in reference to himself, the other three children and me.”

At the time in 1967 and 1968, Father Derriman was a priest with the Archdiocese of Brisbane and chaplain of Sacred Heart Sandgate in Brisbane, she told…

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Begging Your Pardon

Congratulations. This is wonderful news. Mazal Tov!

The Chatter Blog

I interrupt your regular reading.

In less than 48 hours there will be a 2013 model added to our family.

I thought I might share with you the 2011 model’s welcome to our world.

I promise he is beautiful.

And after tomorrow he will no longer reign supreme in his home.

He will share the throne and the royalty of his childhood with his baby sister.


Feel free to go visit his arrival.

Touch of Love

And soon there will be a few more pounds of love in this world.

Happy day before her birth day.

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we exchange energy – always

This is something every man and woman needs to read. Hugs, Barbara

the Hunt for Truth


Love never claims it always gives; love never suffers, never resents, and never revenges itself. Where there is love there is life; hatred leads to destruction.

 ~ Mahatma Gandhi


You may understand being unconsciously conscious but imagine now, if you will, being consciously aware of the unconscious. Stimulating us, perhaps we stimulating it, an energy exchange is occurring. We may begin to know about this. Some of you do.

The energy exchange occurs as waves of energy that flow through us and some sort of perhaps mechanism that establishes a coherence of energy particulars. I’m not going to develop that much further. Most scientist don’t know and science can’t exactly say what happens — and there is no need anyway for my purpose here. However, today, I want to share with you a program that describes energy exchanges between people and I’ll close with some thoughts on this.

DNA sensesFor today, I…

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