HIs Day is Done

Today’s Memorial Service was so amazing and historic. It was amazing to see all of that love and peace being released into the world like this. It strikes me that Mr. Mandela would have been so amazed and probably is amazed and so very pleased. There are so many sources of negativity/ evil constantly being added to the energy of the world.  We all, here at WorldPress add positive energy to the world on a daily basis. I have been to Peace Convocations where there were speeches, drumming, dancing, loving and white doves were freed and it was so wonderful. But today, once again due to Nelson Mandela we have put so much positive energy into the world. My heart constricts with joy. The words, the music will always remain for the glory of forgiveness, peace, reconciliation and freedom. All this day, this ordinary Tuesday here on our planet, has become part of the legacy of Nelson Mandela. I envision the angels singing while the four hour service  was being conducted.

Mandela and Clinton on a visit to America.

Mandela and Clinton on

 a visit to America.

Mr. Mandela has shown us that” it always looks impossible until it is done.”    —President Barak Obama giving his speech at Memorial Service

I saw a gesture of unity and reconciliation today with an unplanned act. When President Obama walked over and shook hands with Castro, it was as if the spirit of Nelson Mandela stood next to them smiling in approval. It was just a handshake but it was an unselfish act that might be the beginning of reconciliation and understanding. It might not, but it is a crack in the wall of anger and hatred between our two countries.

If we are walking on the journey of freedom to peace, each small step is a positive action towards peace. It can get discouraging wanting peace, forgiveness, and love in our World. A world that houses all of us…sentient beings. There is no other way we and the planet will survive.

                     Mr. Nelson Mandela’s legacy will last into eternity

The four hour Memorial Service for Nelson Mandela

The four hour Memorial Service for
Nelson Mandela Rest in peace. You have changed the world.

Nelson Mandela is now a historical legend.  His words while inspire generations of Human Beings.

Nelson Mandela is now a legend                                                                                                                                               Generations of Human Beings will know that this great man walked his talk, and wanted peace and freedom for South Africa. He was willing to give up his life for the ideals of freedom and peace. Even the twenty seven years he lived in prison and he forgave them. May we always remember how important forgiveness is in our lives.