Birthers are asking about Malia and Sasha Obama’s birth certificates

To the American people who have gotten to high or drink too much, I have to respectfully say that you all crazy. Now you are trying to make children feel bad. Hugs, Barbara

The Fifth Column

A friend sent me this information via email.  I’ve decided just to provide a link to this insanity, so that anyone who wishes to read the article can do so.


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Steve Coll: Raising the Minimum Wage : The New Yorker

It is the truth and the truth hurts. Peace, Barbara

Ye Olde Soapbox




In 2005, Alaska Airlines fired nearly five hundred union baggage handlers in Seattle and replaced them with contractors. The old workers earned about thirteen dollars an hour; the new ones made around nine. The restructuring was a common episode in America’s recent experience of inequality. In the decade after 2000, Seattle’s median household income rose by a third, lifted by the stock-vested, Tumi-toting travelers of its tech economy. But at the bottom of the wage scale earnings flattened.

Sea-Tac, the airport serving the Seattle-Tacoma area, lies within SeaTac, a city flecked by poverty. Its population of twenty-seven thousand includes Latino, Somali, and South Asian immigrants. Earlier this year, residents, aided by outside labor organizers, put forward a ballot initiative, Proposition 1, to raise the local minimum wage for some airport and hotel workers, including baggage handlers. The reformers did not aim incrementally: they proposed…

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“Castle Knights” …. closes its doors!!

I have to reblog this because it means so much to me.

It Is What It Is



-on WaterMark Onlinne

An Orlando bar that has previously operated primarily as a lesbian-focused establishment is returning, this time as an “everybody bar.”

Nadia Lazzano, Jackie Gilmore and Kathleen Bones have teamed up to create Castle Knights, a medieval-themed bar located on Edgewater drive in the space previously occupied by Faces, R-Bar and Recko’s. Castle Knights will open Nov. 9, 2012. 

“It’ll be a live band for the grand opening,” Lazzano said, but no word yet on who would be performing.

The bar will be open each week Thursday through Sunday, from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.


“Thursdays we’ll have some drag shows and Fridays we’ll do karaoke, Saturdays we’ll do bands and Sundays will be acoustic,” Lazzano said.

The club’s license covers beer and wine only. It was unclear whether the bar would eventually…

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