Casablanca: I’m shocked! Shocked!


Flashback! 1942 Hollywood, Casablanca the movie the Germans angered over having been overridden by the French populace of Casablanca is singing the French National Anthem as opposed to the Germans singing their own anthem have ordered the Prefect of Police to close down Rick’s (Bogey’s) Americian Café. The Prefect played to the hilt by that great British actor Claude Rains tells Rick he is closing him down because “I’m shocked! Shocked! There’s gambling going on in your café! Shocked!” Just before the croupier hands him his nightly winnings.

Flash forward to 2014 Nevada Clark County and listen to that wondrous darling touted loudly, lovingly and long by Faux News and the deep right wing of politics including the erstwhile up and coming presidential hopeful Rand Paul. Amid cries of Patriot, Hero and wronged American icon comes the man himself to spill his guts not on the many wrongs visited…

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The Porch

You are wonderful and so are your images. Hugs, Barbara

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

three chairs Sometimes,

I just need

To sit

Out on

The porch

With my legs

Up on

The railing,

And allow

The sunshine

To work

Its magic.


I might look

A bit odd

Out here

Right now

In my robe

And slippers,

But I do

Feel comfortable!

Being cooped up

In the house

All day

With the flu

Is not

My idea

Of fun.

The porch,


Is a part

Of the house

That I truly


With happiness.

How may times,

Has this porch

Played host

To the

Most romantic


Of my life?

This porch

Always set

The perfect mood.

I’d wait

Out here

For love

To arrive.

She’d run

Up here

To greet me

With a hug

And kisses.

We’d sit

Out here

Holding hands,

Drinking wine,

Stealing glances,

Unwinding together

After another

Long day.

She might be

Far away,

But her love

Still lingers

Out on


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On my Open Road

Hello to my WordPress family and friends. I wanted to let you know that I am going to visit my best friend of thirty seven years. We will be in Asheville and I am sure I will have some stories. I am going to have my ipad with me and I will try to keep in touch. I am looking forward to sunshine and warmth. It has been a long winter here in the North. Blessings to all of you my friends. Take care and keep the peace flowing from your hearts.  Hugs, Barbara


Downtown Houston . Photograph taken and copyrighted  by Barbara Mattio 2000

Downtown Houston . Photograph taken and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2000