Guest Blog with News

Hello all, it’s me again — IdealisticRebel’s sister.

Barbara is not blogging today, because she had a non-Epileptic seizure this morning and fell, hitting her head on a chest of drawers in the process, and giving herself a very large, nasty bump on the head and a badly bruised elbow.

I took her to Urgent Care near our house and she was thoroughly checked out — nothing broken or chipped, but she has a head contusion (a neurologist might call it a concussion), and is frankly in no shape to be sitting at a computer and writing.

She was concerned that she not just disappear on you all, however, and asked me to let you know what was up.

She will be fine, but is resting for today and possibly a few days yet to come.

We would appreciate your prayers and thoughts and I’m sure your supportive comments will make her smile (as much as she can without her face hurting; really, she did a major number on her head).

Thank you for your understand and support.