Magical Silence (23/30)

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Your soul lives in quiet stillness
With magical powers unknown
Silence your mind and dive within
You’ll be amazed at what overflows

Visions, words and sounds
Play in your consciousness
Ideas and thoughts abound
At the center of your lotus

The creative point of being
The beginning of every art
Close your eyes in silence
Let the beauty pour out

Master a piece in peace
Bend waves to water energy
Picture the puzzle in pieces
Merging in high frequency

Turn lead into gold
Alchemy of the soul
Possibilities are infinite
When you just let things flow

Your soul travels in quiet brilliance
With supernatural loud silence
Free the heart, show effervescence
For all the gifts, heaven sent


This was written in collaboration with the lovely and talented Tunisia Jolyn. You can find her wonderful work at and


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Community of BLoggers Award


~~April 10, 2014~~

My dear Dr. Rex returned this lovely award to me.   She has been my friend for some time now, and is one of the reasons why

I feel like I truly am part of a Community!

Her take on this award is something I agree with wholeheartedly, and I’d like to share it with you:

“Much is frequently said about “community“. I see ourselves as a group of people who have similar ideas, concepts, interests and values. Another quality that we have in common is that we had a basic need to share what we have to offer each in a very individualized and different way.

This is our blogging community. “

It is important for creative people to have many communities where they can interact with other creative people, and where love and support are shared like they are in a family.

I think that the concept of community as family is extremely important because, for many artistic or creative people, acceptance by their biological families and many friends may not be forthcoming, because these people think “out of the box” ; their priorities are different, often not as materialistic as the people around them.  It is wonderful to have a community such as this where you can say what you feel, and know that it will be accepted without judgment, and where our innovative ideas won’t leave people gasping in shock.

~~Simple rules~~

Display the logo on a post.

Link back to the person who nominated you.

Nominate 14 readers other bloggers and inform them via comment in their blog sites.

My nominees:

  1.  petchary
  2. Xena
  3. findingmyinnercourage
  4. RoSy
  5. Inavukic
  6. Shaun
  7. ANinePoundHammer
  8. afsheenanjum
  9. Al
  10. Eleganzabello
  11. Matthew
  12. ScrapperJude Designs
  13. SueDreamwalker
  14. BeccaGivens

My Wish For Wednesday – Thought for the Day

Unload and Unwind


Following on from my recent articles in regards to the current danger facing the Great Barrier Reef I would like to take a little step further South, all the way to Tasmania if you will join me.  Here too our government is trying to have the World Heritage Listing for the Tasmanian Old Growth Forests revoked to allow logging and fire bombing in the same manner that they are trying to do to allow dredging and dumping in the reef.

I suppose the Reef has held my attention simply because it is where I live, it is right beside me every day and while I have been working on other articles and with other groups regarding logging, wood chipping and Fracking I have devoted the majority of my ire against the powers that be in terms of  danger to the Reef which I can now see is a little shortsighted…

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The Beautiful, the Bad and the Psychotic – Alex & Just Patty

Adult & Teen Fiction

Part 1 of the duet poem I wrote with my friend Just Patty! This is probably going to break the record of longest duet poem on WordPress lol! So brace yourself my friends! 😉

Welcome fellow travellers and readers. I am here to show you a world within the one you live upon, with a little help from my friend Patty! Patty operates her own world via her blog (description/link below) she is a writer beyond words in my eyes and I hope you enjoy our talents when they collide one-another. I say you stop reading my work and go over to hers and gaze upon amazement at

So these poems have been in the works for quite some time now and I promise all who read these epic poems the deepest reaches of one’s soul. So click on the like and the follows buttons and strap yourselves in…

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I’ve been talking a lot about the Freedom Writers lately, and I thought that now I would let them speak for themselves.  Here are two poems, taken from the book that was a compilation of their work.

They say, I say

They say

I am brown

I say

I am proud.

They say

I only know how to cook

I say

I know how to write a book

So   don’t judge me by the way I look

They say

I am brown

I say

I am proud

They say

I’m not the future of this nation

I say

Stop giving me discrimination Instead

I’m gonna use my education to help build   the human nation.     —-A Freedom Writer

Redwood and fern

Redwood and fern


Stay  Black———

Stay Proud

Stay White______

Stay Proud

Stay Brown—–

Stay Proud

Stay Yellow

Stay Proud…….

Don’t be afraid to be what you are,   ‘

cause all you can be, is you!

You’ll never be anything else but you,

so be the best you, you can be.

Keep it real—

by all means, at all times.

Whether a lawyer, a doctor, a football player,

a toilet cleaner, a garbage handler, a panhandler—

Keep it real and still—

be the best you can be.

Have pride, have dignity, stand!

Stand proud, talk proud, act proud, be proud!

Don’t lay down, back down, bow down, run away.

sell out yourself, sell into criticism.

Be real and realize that the ones who criticise,

best recognize that you are  you!

take it or leave it.

MMM HMMM       —– a freedom writer

Redwood trees

Redwood trees

10 things you need to know today: April 23, 2014

The Fifth Column

Off to Asia.  Off to Asia. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

The Week

The Supreme Court chips away at affirmative action, Obama meets with Asia allies, and more

1. Justices uphold Michigan’s affirmative action ban in college admissions
The Supreme Court, in a 6-to-2 ruling, upheld a Michigan constitutional amendment banning affirmative action policies in public university admissions. Michigan and other states, such as Florida and California, that have outlawed taking race into consideration in higher education have seen sharp drops in enrollment of black and Hispanic students, but the court’s majority said voters, not courts, should decide what policies to use. [The New York Times]


2. Obama sets out to reassure Pacific allies
President Obama arrived in Japan Wednesday for a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the start of a four-nation tour of Asia. Obama is trying to show allies that the U.S. is “rebalancing” in the Pacific…

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