Outside to Inside..

Dreams to Reality !

Today we are OUTSIDE but many are INSIDE.

Religion’s, Philosophies’, Science and Black or white magic tells different situations and stories about the people INSIDE to the people OUTSIDE, but we don’t know what will happen to us when we will be INSIDE?

Yes! One thing we can certainly say and judge is what we are doing OUTSIDE?

What are we gaining and what are we losing?

Is this good enough to ease us INSIDE?


We all have to go INSIDE sooner or later but WE WILL BE….


Yes.. I am talking about GRAVE.



Life is so busy these days that we just stop thinking about Death and grave and about life here after. We are unfortunately and unintentionally doing very wrong with ourselves.

Thanks Daily prompt to give me this opportunity to think and let think  others to feel that darkness and loneliness. Please do good…

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Killing off the Coyotes.

Important reading. We are all one.



“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.”1

In his book, Rewriting the Family Script, Roger Hillerstrom shares how “a small, Midwestern town once sponsored a coyote hunt because so many farmers were losing chickens to the predators. Fifteen hundred coyotes were killed over a single weekend.

“However, within a few months the entire community was overrun with rodents, because their natural enemy, the coyote, had been eliminated. A year after that, the rodents weren’t much of a problem, but the rattlesnakes were! Because there were so many rats and mice for them to eat, the poisonous snakes had reproduced rapidly.

“At that point, the chickens were safe, but the humans were in danger! You see, the coyotes had been an important part of the environmental system—the food chain. When one part of that system changed, other parts adapted…

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About Friendship, Books and adventure

Mavadelo's mindscape

Today I had the pleasure of being able to meet a friend for the first time in real life. I know this friend through these blogs and facebook and in the short time we know each other she has become very dear to me.

Today I went to Den Haag (the Hague) to meet Patty van Delft. You might know Patty from the blog Petite Magique where she posts stories, poetry and poetrics. Since a little while Patty can call herself a published author as well. Recently she has released “My Wings”(see for sales and other info my sidebar) which is a collection of dark (her dark wings)  and light (her light wings obviously) poetry.,

Today, Patty had the official presentation of her latest achievement. The fantasy novel Drägan Duma: Zij die hoort (Drägan Duma: She who hears). I had promised to be there. Like I said, I consider…

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