Outside to Inside..

Dreams to Reality !

Today we are OUTSIDE but many are INSIDE.

Religion’s, Philosophies’, Science and Black or white magic tells different situations and stories about the people INSIDE to the people OUTSIDE, but we don’t know what will happen to us when we will be INSIDE?

Yes! One thing we can certainly say and judge is what we are doing OUTSIDE?

What are we gaining and what are we losing?

Is this good enough to ease us INSIDE?


We all have to go INSIDE sooner or later but WE WILL BE….


Yes.. I am talking about GRAVE.



Life is so busy these days that we just stop thinking about Death and grave and about life here after. We are unfortunately and unintentionally doing very wrong with ourselves.

Thanks Daily prompt to give me this opportunity to think and let think  others to feel that darkness and loneliness. Please do good…

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Everyday Hero: University professor chooses better world over profit

Making a difference is part of our journey in life.

Global News

A man who could have made millions with his inventions is trying to create a better world and inspire students, instead of seeking profits. Christina Stevens has this week’s Everyday Hero, Prof. Praveen Jain.


There are many people trying to make a difference who rarely receive the media attention they deserve. Everyday Hero is our attempt to provide better balance in our newscast. We profile Canadians who don’t go looking for attention, but deserve it. People who through their ideas, effort and dedication are making a difference in the lives of other people.

If you know of an Everyday Hero whose story we should tell, share the information with us by emailing viewers@globalnational.com.

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