About Friendship, Books and adventure

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Today I had the pleasure of being able to meet a friend for the first time in real life. I know this friend through these blogs and facebook and in the short time we know each other she has become very dear to me.

Today I went to Den Haag (the Hague) to meet Patty van Delft. You might know Patty from the blog Petite Magique where she posts stories, poetry and poetrics. Since a little while Patty can call herself a published author as well. Recently she has released “My Wings”(see for sales and other info my sidebar) which is a collection of dark (her dark wings)  and light (her light wings obviously) poetry.,

Today, Patty had the official presentation of her latest achievement. The fantasy novel Drägan Duma: Zij die hoort (Drägan Duma: She who hears). I had promised to be there. Like I said, I consider…

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