U.S. Navy Implicated in New Mass Stranding of Whales (Greece)

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The ocean update

Ziphius_1-4-2014_SE_Crete_GreeceApril 2nd, 2014. Yesterday afternoon, while the U.S. and other navies played war games somewhere offshore, Cuvier’s beaked whales began stranding along the southern coast of Crete.  Those on the scene knew right away what they were dealing with, for yesterday’s strandings were only the most recent in a line of similar calamities in the region, going back two decades.  And in this case, as in the previous ones, all signs point navy.

Cuvier’s beaked whales are a remarkable species.  They have the deepest recorded dives of all marine mammals, some descending an astonishing 3000 meters below the water’s surface before coming up for air.  Favoring deep water, they don’t strand nearly as often as coastal species, and they don’t strand in number, and they don’t strand alive.

Yet that is exactly what happened yesterday.  Beginning around noon, three Cuvier’s beaked whales came ashore in one spot along…

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Actions and Reactions



The world is a dome, where every action is the echo of another. Do good—it will come back; if not from one person, it will come from another. That is the echo. You do not know from which side it will come. It will come a hundredfold more than you gave.

Give love; will you get coldness? Do good; can you get evil, if you did good? You cannot be a judge of the action of another until you are yourself selfless. Only then will justice come to you; only then will you understand the nature of justice. Self is the wall between you and justice. There is only one thing that is truly just, and that is to say, ” I must not do this.” When you say this to another you may be wrong.

The mystic develops his mind in this manner, purifying it by pure thought, feeling, and action ( pure means free from sense of separateness )—only following this one line of thought,Whatever difference in principles of right and wrong religious faith may show, no two individuals will ever differ in this one  natural principle. Every soul seeks after beauty; and every virtue, righteousness, good action, is nothing but a glimpse of beauty.

Once having this moral, the Mystic does not need to follow a particular belief or faith, to restrict himself in a particular path. He can follow the Hindu way, the Muslim way, the way of any Church or faith, provided he treads this royal road; that the whole universe is but an immanence of beauty. You are born with the tendency to admire it in every form, and you may not blind yourself by being dependent on one particular line of beauty. You will not get it from another. Give it.

Make your action, your thought beautiful, and let others get your beauty.

How is the perfection of mind reached that we have to touch? It is reached through contemplation, through realisation and understanding of the one current running through the whole life. In mystical language of the Divine Mind, is the depth of life, the depth of activity with which all activity and every activity is connected.


Bahama landscape. Photograph taken and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2013

Bahama landscape. Photograph taken and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2013






Garden in Nassau. Photographed and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2014

Garden in Nassau. Photographed and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2014

Kurt Cobain, 20 ans déjà …

Le temps passe et les idoles disparues continues de faire vibrer le cœur des fans. En ce qui concerne Kurt Cobain, dont la date du décès avait été estimée au 5 avril 1994 (le corps avait retrouvé 3 jours après, le 8 avril), c’est toute une génération qui a pleurée le chanteur guitariste de Nirvana et interprète de Smell like teen spirit. J’en fais partie. Et pour commémorer les 20 ans de sa disparition, un petit cadeau : mon titre préféré capté lors du MTV Unplugged. The Man who sold the world

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President Lincoln’s Vision of Corporations and Corruption in High Places

Rational Opinions Blog

Abraham Lincoln small “We may congratulate ourselves that this cruel war is nearing its end. It has cost a vast amount of treasure and blood. . . .

It has indeed been a trying hour for the Republic; but I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country.

As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.

I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of war. God grant that my suspicions may prove groundless.”

—U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, Nov…

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Police raid and arrest Roma gipsies sleeping rough at Marble Arch

~~Defender of Faith~Guardian of Truth~~


The gang have been sleeping outside a plush apartment block in the Marble Arch area for around two years and arrive every night at 9pm before leaving at about 6am.

See on www.dailymail.co.uk

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Elysian Fields

A wonderful poem.


I’m rising and falling

and floating thru’ time

like a leaf on a breeze

in the mist

to Elysian Fields,

lush pastures to seize

while a song plays and

drifts from my lips.


I open my eyes

to view what’s in store and

gasp with delight

at the scene;

my Mother and Father,

all those long gone,


as if in a dream.


Their laughter like lilacs,

their faces in bloom,

roses red

on each cheek,

my face shines with joy

at each girl and boy

suspended in time

that we seek.


Air rushes by,

my heart gives a cry

as I’m torn from this world

full of wonder

clouds scud the night,

spirit in flight, in a whirlpool

 I’m dragged

back down under


to life on the earth

where worries await

and trials are the test

of my soul.

But eyes closed, cast within


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