The Wonders of the Weekend

View of falls at Letchworth State Park, NY. Photograph taken and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2014

View of falls at Letchworth State Park, NY. Photograph taken and copyrighted by Barbara Mattio 2014

This weekend, in the U.S. at least, Americans are celebrating  our country, our veterans and our families and communities.  Here at my house, the windows are open and the air is fresh. The fragrance of the flowers fills the air and the house. Birds sing and wind chimes sing and raise your spirits. The beach has waves breaking against them. Rib fests are going on. Picnics are the favorite way to eat dinner. Grills come out of storage and succulent food begins to cook on the grills and in ovens. Music plays. Children dive into pools. Music fills the air and the birds sing a long with the notes floating on the breeze.
















“All life is your own,

All fruits of the earth

Are fruits of your womb,

Your union, your dance.

Lady and Lord,

We thank you for the blessings and abundance

Join with us, Feast with us, Enjoy with us!”

Blessed be.      ——Starhawk



“Bless Adoni

who spins day into dusk

With wisdom watch

the dawn gates open, with understanding let

time and seasons

come and go,

with awe perceive

the stars in lawful orbit

Morning dawns,

evening darkens,

darkness and light yielding

one to the other,

yet each distinguished

and unique.


Marvel at Life!

Strive to know its ways!

Seek Wisdom and Truth,

the gateways

to Life’s mysteries!


Wondrous indeed

is the evening twilight. ”    —-Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro


“May all things move and be moved in me

and know and be known in me

May all creation

dance for joy within me.”   —Chinook Psalter



I love the soft sound of running brooks and rivers

I love the soft sound of running brooks and rivers




          Bestor Park Chautauqua Institute, oldest gated community in America  Photograph taken and copyrighted by 

   Barbara Mattio 2014





My son who takes things literally,

Did one day say unto me,

“We have no sliced bread left Dad,

We’ve only rolls I see.


And I desire some toast this morn,

To breakfast on before,

I take my leave to study,

Maybe compose a musical score.”


My riposte was to observe,

He’d be wise to toast a roll,

Yet he replied, “Said roll won’t fit,

In the toaster, don’t you know.”


So I said, “Cut the roll in half,

For then you’ll find it sits,

Comfortably in said toaster,

And you can then breakfast on it.”


“I’ve cut the roll in half now,

Yet I am somewhat confused,

You see the roll still not fits.”

At this I was amused.


“I see you’ve cut it top to bottom,

When if you had any common sense,

You would have halved it sideways,

How can you…

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A Short Visit

                                                                                                                                    Words to live by

I wanted to tell all of my wonderful Word Press friends that I am going away for a short visit. I am going to see the four youngest of my grands. I am excited and so looking forward to the trip and the visit. I will be gone about a week. I wish you all happiness and joy, peace and laughter while I am gone. I will return to pick up my pen, or in these days to tap on my keyboard. I will probably have a funny story or two to share. Hugs to all, Barbara

3hands                                                                                                 There is nothing more healing than to see the youngest generation.