The Heart

LCG 03                                                                                     Though it is a non- spring like season, the orchids lighten our hearts and feed our starving eyes







 “What is the heart” It is not human, and it is not imaginary. I call it you.”   —Rumi



The Self we Share


Thirst is angry at water. Hunger, bitter with bread.

The cave wants nothing to do


with the sun. This is dumb, the self-defeating way we’ve been.

A gold mine is calling us into its temple. Instead, we bend

and keep picking up rocks from the ground. Every thing

has a shine like gold,

but we should turn to the source! The


origin is what we truly are. I add a little vinegar

to the honey I give. The bite of


scolding makes ecstasy more familiar. But look,

fish, you’re already in the ocean:


just swimming there makes you friends with

glory. What are these grudges about? You


are Benjamin, Jose;h has put a gold cup

in your grain sack and accused you of being a thief.


Now he draws you aside and says,” You are my

brother. I am a prayer. You’re


the amen. We move in eternal regions, yet worry about property here.

This is the prayer of each: You are the source of my life. You separate essence from mud.

You honor my soul. You bring rivers from the mountain springs. You brighten my eyes.


The wine you offer takes me out of myself into

the self we share. Doing that is religion. ”




There are three words that can delight your soul and your heart. They are love, harmony and beauty. Often people wonder about these words. Why? The answer is that if there is anything in life which speaks in the human soul, it is love and beauty. Love is the very nature of life. beauty is the outcome of Love in the nature of life. Harmony is the means by which life accomplishes its purpose, and the lack of it results in destruction in life.


When we reflect upon this whole creation we can’t but see that its purpose is to express an ideal of love, harmony, and beauty.  An ideal is the goal we need to keep in front of us. Many have lost the ideal. Keeping eyes on the ideal will help us as we go through the stresses and strains of our everyday life. We must never lose faith or hope that the ideal is forever with us if we will but see it. If we will look for it.


If you look at the whole of creation, what you see is that Love can not exist without something you can love. Without something to love, Love would have been silent. We are going in the wrong direction today in our world. We need to look only to the violence which surrounds us, the greed that some people worship as their god. We see how people have stopped caring for each other. There is no love of community and neighbors and friends as there used to be. To God, what ever you call him/her, this is not the plan. This is the choices we make.Whether or not we want to, we are responsible for all of the choices we make.  In this world let us hold up the ideal of Love, Harmony and Beauty. It is possible. We need to want it more than anything else. Then we will be holding up the ideal.








What is in your heart is shown when you can show kindness and empathy when you are stressed.

What is in your heart is shown when you can show kindness and empathy when you are stressed  

5 thoughts on “The Heart

  1. Heartafire says:

    very beautiful!

  2. addisonbyrne says:

    I love this post! Which is also why it gives me pleasure to nominate you for the Liebster Award 2014! As I scroll through many of the new blogs I have begun to follow, it was so easy to pick you as a nominee. Post worthy blogs all the time! 🙂
    Warm hugs,

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