Whatever You Suffer, Remember Someday …

A Mixed Bag

…  You Will Comfort Somebody With The Strength You Found

When we go through hell, we learn. When we come out the other side, we are not the same person who went in, we are changed, sometimes very dramatically, sometimes subtly. We will always remember those times though, and when we look back on them, sometimes they will make us go cold, other times we look back on them and say “Hah! I beat you!” What we do though, is we learn from that journey, and if we see someone going through the same thing, or a similar thing, we can help them. We can walk beside them holding their hand, telling them that they are not alone, they have someone steadying their legs, wiping their tears, carrying them when necessary. We can help the way someone helped us and then they in turn will help someone when the time…

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One thought on “Whatever You Suffer, Remember Someday …

  1. Al says:

    Thank you I appreciate the reblog 🙂

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