Scientific Drones Help Understand Formation of the Bahamas Islands

Repeating Islands


Annie Reisewitz writes about the work being done by faculty and students of the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science of the University of Miami; they are using scientific drones to gain a better understanding of the geological formation of the islands through high-resolution photography. [Photo above: A drones-eye view of the Bahamas.]

University of Miami graduate student Kelly Jackson and Camera Wings Aerial Photography recently teamed up to capture high-resolution photographs of remote islands in the Bahamas using specially equipped drones. The study is aimed at finding new ways to more precisely study the geological evidence preserved inside bedrock during critical events in Earth’s history.

“Drones are changing the way geologists map,” said Jackson, a Ph.D. student in the Marine Geology and Geophysics program at the UM Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. “It is now possible to acquire high-resolution photographs and elevation data of the hardest to reach…

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Ukraine Parliament Member: “Poroshenko Is Covered In Blood.”


Posted on August 21, 2014

by Jerry Alatalo

“War is the naked, criminal, business of murder.”


superior222.jpg(UKRAINE) – Victoria Shilova is an elected political office holder of Ukraine representing the District of Dnepropetrovsk. She delivers a powerful message to her fellow Ukrainians around the Earth – calling for an end to the bloody civil war in that country.

There have been a number of articles recently where writers have asked readers why Malaysian Flight MH17 – crashed in Eastern Ukraine killing 298 passengers – has been virtually forgotten for weeks by the western mainstream/corporate media. Western nations and media were quick to blame pro-federalist Eastern Ukraine dissidents and/or Russia for shooting down MH17, but since then investigative journalists and analysts have published a great number of articles which point to Ukraine’s government in Kiev as the most likely guilty party.

The black boxes from MH17 were apparently handed over to British, then NATO…

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Un-Clog Me!


Being a mom in the ‘burbs is not synonymous for icky clog wearing creature.


If stilettos are  not on the menu for a sporting event or school story-telling appearance, there are stylish offering available!


Fall is a tricky transition season for footwear – buh bye open toe fabulousness, yet not quite time for shearling lined tootsy treats.  A few of my current loves include these Gucci horsebit ankle boots.  “GIDDYUP!!!!!”


Alexander Wang’s Anouk Chelsea Boot is an absolute knockout in reversecommuter’s all time fave color, navy blue!


Nothing works better with jeans and a sweater than Prada’s classic patent Chelsea Boot


If it is a weekend game day and you are in the stands all day long, why not rock the Rick Owens’ Moody Low Sneakers (I am kind of obsessing over these right now!!!!!).


ps back to the icky clogs – if you are looking for a fun read…

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Dedicated spoken poem: For Ana and Maria


I have written this little poem for my friend George’s twin nieces because he told me they love my voice so much. That just completely made my day!  🙂

Ana and Maria, this is for you. ❤

Liefs en knuffels,

Just Patty

To listen, click–> Ana & Maria

 Ana and Maria

Ana & Maria

Angelic laughter

Cute little smiles

Love, so easily given

Traveling all these miles


Joyful voices

Pink rosy cheeks

Kindness, spreading around

To anyone who seeks


Lightly giggles

Echoes of happiness

Curiosity, for everything

Such adorable sweetness


Colorful stories

Painting the world anew

Kept safe forever

Fairies are watching over you


Butterfly kisses

By the falling of the night

Sweet dreams, little angels

Until the morning light

Just Patty

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