A sad reality of our times …. Homelessness in America!!

It Is What It Is


~Homeless Man Tearfully Watches As Police Destroy His Shelter~

Sam had just one request for police about to destroy the makeshift shelter in the woods he’d built: “Can I watch?”

The video below, showing a visibly shaken Sam become teary-eyed as his home of several years crumbles to the ground, is promoting a new documentary shedding light at the current realities of homelessness in America.


Filmmaker Jack Ballo became inspired to document Tent City in Lakewood after filming the Dominican Republic’s homeless. Ballo will premiere his latest film effort, the documentary “Destiny’s Bridge,” to a sold-out crowd at Two River Theatre on Wednesday.

Destiny’s Bridge,” a project sponsored by nonprofit Fractured Atlas and produced by filmmaker Jack Ballo, focuses on homeless minister Steve Brigham, who lives in the woods of New Jersey among dozens of others in similar circumstances. According to a fundraising page for the film…

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Circle of Life

Who I am

I have been feeling old lately. My body feels worn out and run down. I take afternoon naps most days and have more aches than I used to. It doesn’t matter what caused it to happen, I feel it. Today when I woke up from my nap I heard from my open window children laughing and playfully screaming.

I instantly thought back to my own days of childhood. Laughter, running, skipping, jumping; all examples of carefree and happy childhoods.

What happened in between those days and today? I lived, I loved, I helped others, I worked. Each day was filled with marriage,  giving birth,  loving my children,  making sure our family had food on the table, clothes to go to school in, toys under the tree.

There were gardens to tend to, a divorce to go through, decisions to make. Death interrupted calm living, grandchildren were being born. I lived…

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