Michael Brown’s Parents Speak Out

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

michael-brownMichael Brown is the teen who was gunned down in Ferguson, Missouri by a cop.  That town has been in an uproar.  I don’t believe in violence, but will share the following opinion.  Unless we WALK in the shoes of others, we cannot stand in righteous judgment to understand their reactions.

Hypocrisy is running rampant.  There are people who kill others  purportedly in self-defense.  Those who support them, in spite of physical evidence and logic, rely solely on what the killer said about what they felt and what they believed would happen unless they pulled the trigger.  At least the killer gets the opportunity to say what they experienced emotionally and/or physically that justified taking the life of another human being.

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post du jour ~gilbert


Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.
~Elizabeth Gilbert

Dear Ones –

OK, so I don’t usually quote myself on this page, but a reader asked me today if I would take a moment to further explain this idea that ruin can sometimes be a gift in our lives.

*takes a deep breath*

Let me begin by saying that the ruin I’m talking about here is not something I would encourage anyone to ever deliberately seek. I’ve seen people who chase darkness and destruction on purpose (sometimes for the glamour of it, sometimes for the romance of it, sometimes for the sheer self-hatred of it) and this is not a path that I am capable of endorsing for anybody.

No, I’m talking about the ruin that happens to you, without you ever seeing it coming. The chaos that sneaks up on you.

Because sometimes the bottom falls…

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Robin Williams: His Last Laugh


1arobin13Suicide isn’t a laughing matter. Neither is depression.

Have we lost the ability to see that line between genuinely mourning the loss of someone and using it to gain attention for ourselves?

Where to begin? The media are too obvious, they’re a well-oiled exploitation machine.

Social media is too often the Land of Shallow, where pictures, platitudes, Slacktivism, jokes, and memes are welcome, but anything of substance is frequently ignored or seen as annoying.

Yet it’s the memorials that confuse me the most.
What does wasting money on flowers, balloons, teddy bears and candles do?
Does it bring those lost back?
Does it stop the next accident, murder, or suicide?
No. It just mildews.
What a terrible waste.

Maybe it’s a form of pain behaviour. People need to show how much they care, show that they’re in pain.


Take the money you would spend on items for a memorial and…

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Hypocrisy and Empathy


Simply put, hipocricy is when you preach something and practice something else.

My dad. He has always been very strict about not skipping a meal even though one is angry at something or someone.

Well, we had a fight and he skipped his dinner because of that. Now, where did his reasoning go hide?

Next, in the bus today. It was crowded and this old man couldn’t stand for long and nobody seemed to offer him a seat and hence he decided to sit at a corner near the driver. This young man comes in carrying a lot of stuff (I guess he was out shopping) His bags were hitting this old man and hence he asked this young man to hold the bags in his other hand.  Mister angry young man got really pissed and told Mister old man that he isn’t supposed to sit there and blah blah…

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Mad, I am!


I was called mad today.
I laughed,
then walked away.
They saw me ignoring them
so they took my indifference
for ignorance,
and this made me laugh,
But nevertheless,
I wont stop
no, I’ll look for someone else,
someone who can see colors
in this world
where almost everyone
is deprived of them.

every single one of them
and I’m supposed to be the mad one,
The one who falls in love
with a meteorite shower,
The one who weeps
over a dead plant;
Well, that sounded insane
but at least I’m laughing,
I’m madly laughing,

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