A Thought on Comedy

I believe that we all can say that the world is stressed. Both in the sense of hatred, violence, and bigotry and in the sense of the wars going on. It causes a sense of negative energy and anxiety for many people. If we add in the outbreak of Ebola, there is much pain in the world. There is a War on women started by the GOP. It is not limited to America. I don’t want to belabor these facts.


My father always said that laughter was healing. It is very good at balancing negativity and allowing our bodies and souls to exhale. I have decided that I wanted to give my readers something to make them laugh and laugh hard before going back to reality. It is important to detach and allow our bodies to destress. I hope you enjoy these videos.


The first video was one of my father’s favorite skits. It is very funny and I am sure many will remember it. The second video is one of my favorites. It is from the Carol Burnett show. From left to right you will see Tim Conway, Carol Burnett, Vicky Laurence and Dick Van Dyke. I hope you have a few minutes of stressless bliss. Feedback would be appreciated so I know if this is something that you feel is helpful.


















More Rights For Victims of Human Trafficking

Research Project Korea

International Day of Protest to End Violence against Sex Workers. Photo: Marek Foeller Global protest to end violence against sex workers. Photo: Marek Foeller. All Rights Reserved.

Interview with Heike Rabe, Policy Advisor at the German Institute for Human Rights (Deutsches Institut für Menschenrechte)

The UN calls for a global fight against human trafficking. In Germany, the focus lies on forced prostitution.* In an interview withtagesschau.de, lawyer Heike Rabe laments the lack of reliable data. She doesn’t think much of plans to tighten the prostitution law.

Heike Rabe, Policy Adviser at the German Institute for Human Rights. Photo: German Institute for Human Rights/S. Pietschmann“The truths that are broadcast by the media aren’t empirically verifiable truths. There is no evidence that Germany is the biggest brothel of Europe. There is no evidence that prostitutes are also always victims of human trafficking. And there is also no evidence that the Prostitution Act of 2002 is to blame for that. Fact is, however: the measures that are discussed with regards to the pending revision of that law curtail the rights of…

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Human Rights Violations and war Crimes by ISIS in Iraq

Lotenna Blog


ISIS (Islamic State for Iraq and Syria), a former affiliate of Al Qaeda is the most extreme terrorist organization in the world. Very radical and blood thirsty, even more radical than Al Qaeda. Since taking over large portions of Iraq and establishing a so-called ‘Islamic Caliphate’, the ISIS has taken every law into its hands. ISIS commanded Christians its controlled areas to flee or face death, and have been carrying out brutal attacks on other minorities, including the Shiites.
The group which is often refferred to as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and its allies are imposing “untold hardship and suffering” on Iraqi civilians. ISIS in Iraq has continued carrying out “large-scale killings, injuries and destruction and damage of livelihoods and property including in markets, restaurants, shops, cafes, playgrounds, schools, places of worship and other public spaces where civilians gather in large numbers. The…

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Tuesday’s Tip: Tip to the Top!

The Chicago Files

Mickey Finn Photo domu.com history-map

–  photo courtesy of domu.com

Here is a bit of Tuesday Trivia that will hopefully not leave a bad taste in your mouth!  Back in 1903, local Chicago bartender and manager of a fine, upstanding restaurant called the, “Lone Star Saloon and Palm Garden Restaurant”, created a unique and inducing way to put a few extra coffers in his apron pocket.

Michael, “Mickey” Finn took the liberty of providing his customers with a bit of extra bang for their boozing buck.  Mickey was implicated for adding a drug (chloral hydrate) to libations in order to render patrons knocked-out, and consequently robbed of their moonshine money.

Not to be outdone by their money-making Mickey, in 1918 over 100 waiters were arrested for poisoning abominable tippers; this was done by, “slippin’ someone a mickey”, as it became known throughout the waiter crowd.

Mickey Finn Newspaper article chicagoreader

– photo courtesy of chicagoreader.com

The illustrious, “Waiters’ Union Headquarters”…

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