Just What do we Really Need?

For those of us on a spiritual path, it often comes to a conversation of what we need and what we want. What do we need? We need things to help with our physical survival. We need things for our basic emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs. We needs things that our hearts and souls desire for fulfillment, self-expression, purpose and happiness. There are things that we really want or desire. The last category is things we would like to have or experience.


I really want to go back to the French Quarter again. It is one of my very favorite places. Do I need to do this to be happy? Do I need this for my physical well-being? We could take the position that I need to go to the French Quarter for my physical and mental well-being. I could say that but I would be deluding myself. My basic needs are fulfilled with a roof over my head, an income, a support system made up of family and friends who I matter to. I need food, health care and clothes to warm/cool me.


If prosperity is an expression of having what we think we need, how do we know when we have enough? When are our needs met? When could more prosperity mean nothing but “more”?

There are many philosophies about what we need or just desire. They also differ on what we could desire and what we desire that may be bad for us in the long run.


There are two scenarios I have experienced in life. One is that I have gotten what I desired and thought I deserved. So was I happy and fulfilled? Truth be known, only for a short span of time and then I wondered why I had wanted it so much. Has this happen to you? I bet it has. We develop a fixation on a person or a thing that we are sure will make us happier than we have ever been. Of course, sometimes God has a sense of humor and gives us exactly what we want. So then you have it. There it is and you don’t feel at all happy and might even feel like sending it back.


So the materialistic viewpoint is that we should learn how to handle our desires. We should try to satisfy all our desires such as amassing wealth, possessions, power and status. The Western Religions tell us that wanting things is sinful and we could go to hell. In some of the New Age philosophies , we can have all we want in life as long as we are open to having it. So, do we cherish our possessions or do we let go of what we perceive will make us happy? On the other hand, we have all experienced not having what we want or giving up our desires and wants. If we shut ourselves down, we block the life force from moving through us. We then can become depressed and numb. If we are honest with ourselves, we have to admit that we have all been here in this position. We need to relate to our needs and desires to bring us true prosperity.


The needs in our lives are what is necessary to our physical well-being. There are needs on all of the levels, spiritual, physical, emotional and mental. Our true desires are our yearnings for the things we feel will enhance and enrich our lives. First, we must meet our physical basic needs. If they aren’t met we move through the items in the first paragraph.


There is another kind of desire, which is false craving or addiction. We think we want this thing, but we get it and it doesn’t enhance our lives. We pursue a desire to a point where we become obsessive and out of control. This happens because the obsession becomes an addiction. Anything that we do habitually to avoid the pain of not having our real needs met can be an addiction. Addictions can cover the pain in our lives and numb your ability to feel.


Now, our true desires come from our heart and soul, and we need to honor and trust them. We just need to understand the difference. Our desires move us along our path through life and keep us learning, growing, and developing our creative expression. All of us here, are developing and increasing how we express ourselves through our creativity.






Accept your abundance.

Accept your abundance.

John Lennon                                                                                                                                                      Accept your happiness with gratitude

Be blessed with prosperity

Be blessed with prosperity


Wife of Man Who Recorded Eric Garner’s Murder by NYC Police Arrested for Assault

We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

The outspoken wife of the man who took the amateur video of Eric Garner’s fatal confrontation with police was arrested Tuesday night in connection with an assault on a woman in Staten Island, according to police.

Ronald Jackson’s blog is on blogspot which does not have an option for reblogging to Word Press blogs.  His article is good and you might want to visit to read the full article he has posted.  It includes a video that reports on the arrests of Ramsey Orta and now his wife, Chrissy.

Ramsey Orta is the man who videoed the police putting Eric Gardner in a choke hold.  The medical examiner has ruled that Gardner’s death was a homicide.

Is there anyway that the public cannot see this as retaliation by the Staten Island police?

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This is Life

A great quote

Owls and Orchids

#This is Life Image courtesy of http://www.josephinewallart.com

“Life is not meant to be easy, my child; but take courage — it can be delightful.”

George Bernard Shawfrom his book “Back to Methuselah.”

Life is complex. It is rarely straight forward. Each time we look around we find that things have been either subtly changed or intricately woven into a complex tapestry. Is it strange therefore to begin to wonder the reason for this apparent random upheaval of life? Life is a character building exercise and a spiritual means of growth and learning.

Former Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, (1975 – 1983) coined the phrase “Life wasn’t meant to be easy” in 1983. Using only the first line made it sound somewhat unsympathetic, perhaps in keeping with the persona of Mr Fraser. As far as it goes, this simple statement is infuriating. Think about it for a moment. Such a simple statement of…

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Do Palestinians have a right to self-defense?

Emily L. Hauser - In My Head

I ran another piece in The Week this morning:

Israel has the right to defend itself. What about the Palestinians?

Early in Israel’s latest round of hostilities with Hamas, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement: “No country in the world [would] agree to suffer relentless missile attacks and infiltration attempts.” His words have since been repeated frequently, usually in support (qualified or un-) of Israel’s operation in Gaza.

There is an inarguable truth here: No country would sit idly by under such circumstances. Every state, and every citizen in those states, has a universally recognized right to self-defense.

But what — the question is almost never posed — of the stateless?

The Palestinian people are routinely expected to suffer precisely what Netanyahu describes as insufferable. They’re routinely expected to tolerate relentless attacks and infiltrations, and do nothing.

Let me be very clear: Hamas is not a…

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It came from Lake Erie: Why toxic algae’s a nightmare for Canada, too

This is a real danger to those who live on Lake Erie.

Global News

It’s slimy, green and threatened the water supply for hundreds of thousands. Next year, it could be millions.

But this aquatic supervillian should be familiar to Lake Erie residents on both sides of the border by now: The toxic algae – which contains Microcystis, a cyanobacteria toxic to humans and wildlife – has been a menace of various degrees for years.

And even though Canadians weren’t directly affected by the tap water ban in Toledo, Ohio – lifted on Monday – they shouldn’t feel so relieved.

Canadian shorelines are just as vulnerable to the algae bloom, says Raj Bejankiwar, a physical scientist with the International Joint Commission, an agency made up of both Canadian and U.S. officials. He said Canada may yet be affected by algal blooms starting this month and next.

“It is a issue of concern for both Canadian and U.S. [citizens] who are withdrawing water from, especially on…

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Report: Russian hackers steal 1.2B passwords

They have announced that they will spam these users.

The Secular Jurist

NEW YORK (AP) — Russian hackers have stolen 1.2 billion user names and passwords in a series of Internet heists affecting 420,000 websites, according to a report published Tuesday.

The thievery was described in a New York Times story based on the findings of Hold Security, a Milwaukee firm that has a history of uncovering online security breaches.

Hold Security didn’t immediately respond to inquiries from The Associated Press.


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You put a smile on my face. Thanks for the share.


Before I sign off for the day, I think you are all entitled for an explanation why I intentionally posted only videos today. It’s rather simple actually: my mind was out there somewhere, obviously far away from writing. 😀

I will leave you with a famous short story, the narrative expertly sung.

Be well!

Goodnight guys and gals! 🙂


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