These are the faces of me. One is happy, positive and upbeat. The other is very dark, sad, and alone. It’s hard for people to understand the alter ego, dual moods and the darkness people living with BP face. It’s something most of us try to hide deep inside, but Heck it’s hard for me to even understand what’s going on.

But as time goes by, I’m learning more about how it effects me and the others around me. And, if I am working on getting better, I have to do my part to learn what is right for me.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

Everyone as different as a snowflake, how this disease effects each person is also just AS different. There is a spectrum, and where I lay on the spectrum in comparison to other with BP, is uniquely mine. Sure certain things are consistent, such as…

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    thank you for the reblog!

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